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Thread: puppy scamer

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    puppy scamer

    i was scamed by a guy that lives in cameroon...his name is jones kimbi he lives or says he lives at mile 14 long street..also use's his wife's name ....i sent him 200.00 for a puppy to be shipped and he never sent the puppy...i week later he emails me to say he was sorry but he had no crate but he is still shipping her as i wait yet another time he needed 625.00 more for crate and insurance and also paper work.....he just wont quit....please if you can help.....his email is [email protected] :mad:

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    Re: puppy scamer

    Classic Cameroon puppy scam.

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    Re: puppy scamer

    Don't waste any more of your money

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    Re: puppy scamer

    You cannot do anything. Just stop sending money before you get anything real

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    Re: puppy scamer

    Hello Fungwen, well I now believe this IS A SCAM!!! I looked up a lot of information on Cameroon Airlines and that airline does not even exist anymore.I only hope god forgives you for what you have done!! You have taken hard working money from me and my daughter, and for that I forgive you!! I really hope that the money was used for good cause. I understand that people in Africa are needy, but scamming honest people is wrong. I realized that trusting people who claim to be in need or need a helping hand can not be done for the simple fact that there is people in this world that like to use god to make others believe that they are honest people, I now believe I was wrong, but still I FORGIVE YOU!!! now please do not call me anymore, for I have lost a lot of sleep because of you, and I need to rest for I will have to work a lot more to make up the money. You see, you did not even call me back, after I requested a phone number or a receipt from you, but that's OK, my little girl will one day get her puppy, another thing that threw me off was the fact that the AIRLINES emails had a lot of miss spelled words!! That would not happen in real life, also they would include some form of communication means for people, but anyway I hope that one day you realize that if you ask god for forgiveness, he will do so.

    This is the email I sent to the person claiming to have miniature yorkies for free adoption only airfair was to be made, unforfunatly I was scammed out ot 1,240 all because I trusted people and did not know better, I really wish that things like this would not happen to honest people or anyone for that matter. Well I really hope that this messege helps people out there.

    Oh and by the way, the persons name is FUNGWEN ROLAND, or so claims to be.

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