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    Internet Investing Scams

    Wouldn’t it be nice to own that perfect car or that perfect house? I have always looked for ways of working at home, spending more time with my wife and kids, but earning more. Myself, I would thoroughly enjoy having money flowing into my bank account like water, but also working a few hours a day at home.

    We’ve all seen them, the sites offering the get-rich-quick schemes. I know personally, there are over a hundred marketing schemes promising the same thing. Money, but with little work. I have always wanted to know how people did get rich, and, looking at the schemes on offer, I have to tell you they looked promising. I would know, I’ve tried so many that I can’t even remember how many I’ve tried. Complicated instructions, months of commitment, lots of investment, it left you thinking that they can’t really get rich from this without being rich to start with!

    I got VERY fed up with spending money on nothing. I decided to do a little investigation, and see if there were any legitimate get-quick-rich schemes. I contacted almost every website offering ‘$1000-$2000 a week’ or ‘$50,000+ yearly salary’ and I posed as an investor, contacting the administrators of these sites and convinced them to give me a little sneak peek of what they were offering by telling them that I wanted to buy their site and their business. What I found was that 99% of it was useless. I repeatedly found:
    • Email support that didn’t work
    • Links that lead to shut down sites
    • Links leading to OTHER sites that asked for money
    • No help sections
    • Information that was valid in the year 1995!

    The owners of the sites were laughing at us and until they got rich! Needless to say I didn’t reply when they asked me if I was still interested in buying their site. But as I was looking through hundreds of the sites, I found a few legitimate ones. Somehow, ordinary people like you and me actually found a way to earn lots of money from home!

    Their sites were impressive, with a lot of information on how to make $150 a day working from your own home. I talked with many previous customers on their online forums, and they were very helpful. When I finally realized that these sites were completely %100 working, I decided to go for it and buy the programme. Needless to say I wasn’t disappointed. As they were the only working sites, they were bound to get a lot of customers and they told me that in 1 month they would have to close of membership from the public (by the way, you didn’t hear this from me!) as they could not afford the staff, and they were dedicated to providing excellent support to each and every member.

    Thankfully for me, the search is over. Remember; do not fall for simple get-rich-quick schemes! Only go for the links listed below as they will satisfy you well. Whatever you do, I hope you earn some money and maybe even replace your current job with this!
    Here are the links for the sites:
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    Re: Internet Investing Scams

    Ultimate wealth package scam.

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    Re: Internet Investing Scams

    The links seem to be affiliate links

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    Re: Internet Investing Scams

    Been there, done that. They may not be scams but will not give you any decent money either.

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    Wealthy Affiliate Guest

    Re: Internet Investing Scams

    I contacted almost every website offering ‘$1000-$2000 a week’ or ‘$50,000+ yearly salary’
    With literally tens of thousand of websites out there offering these kinds of riches, you must have been a "VERY BUSY BOY"

    Come on , do you really expect anyone here to fall for this crap.

    I've seen this same post on other forums and you've gotten banned for making them.

    Moderator, Please ban this Idiot, or at the very least, please strip the affiliate links from the post.

    Move on Buddy, These kind of posts aren't welcome here!

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