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Thread: Nikon Rewards

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    Nikon Rewards

    I've been browsing a lot of reward/sweepstakes websites lately. I've had some good experience getting cash off of CashDuck.com, and my girlfriend off of one of it's clones, wildforcash, or some such. I've made ~$10 on inboxdollars(which is minimum withdrawal), but I don't think I'll continue on that site. I am also working on the ipodsweepstakes website to get a new shuffle, or to see if I can get one.

    I am trying to find an offer that I've seen in the last month or so, that the reward was a Nikon d40 digital camera. There was *one* website that I've seen that had this offered, but I can't find it again. Does anyone know it, or might know how I should go about looking for it?

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    medfox2010 Guest

    Re: Nikon Rewards

    I do not know ... hope to know about your experience on that

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    Re: Nikon Rewards

    I've found two sites so far. One was a weird sub branch of CRC, a 2/2/2 deal, but the third level only had two options and they were vacations and very high price items. And I bought two lower level things as well *sigh*. Waste of money and time.

    The second site I found was a YF Direct site: myfreecamera.net (not a referral link). It has a 1/2/2/1 structure, but there were only two groups of offers to choose from, so it was more like a 3/3. The first level had a few non-cc's, and some cheapo Ebay ones. The second set of three was websites and autoloans. I filled out an auto loan and a couple website hostings (one and two month required) at about a total of $30. I was denied the auto loan (I would have accepted it had I got it). Now I just need to wait for approvals.

    Oh, and I saved the site, and printed to file the confirmation pages of each offer (all six).

    Worst case, I have to wait for two months for the website offer to be accepted.

    This is my first real offer site. I've done a few DIY freebie sites before for cash, but never for rewards.

    Seem to have done it right so far?

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    Re: Nikon Rewards

    Not trying to be a cheerleader here.

    But things are going well. Three of the six have gone into In Progress, and I may have to wait up to 45 days for each of the three.

    No problem for the web hostings, only about another $20 there. But the TrimLife might cost me quite a bit after the first 14 days. I might cancel that one.

    Whatever I do, I'll let you all know!

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