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    denmark pu buyer

    I was just contacted by a man from denmark named matt that wants to purchase my 04 dodge pu . However he wants me to send him a copy of my reg and title for customs and tax evaluation also to run carfax on the truck . Hes ok with me blacking out my name and address , says he wants to make sure the truck isnt stolen or wrecked before flying to denver to pay cash . We have nothing to hide , bought the truck new and are sell ing it for the payoff just to get out of debt , never been in a accident . any red flags here???

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    Re: denmark pu buyer

    Run away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!

    They sell trucks in Denmark.

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    Re: denmark pu buyer

    Basically what scambuster said but with one addition.

    They have tougher standards for cars and trucks in Europe. Most of trucks that sell in US will probably never pass an inspection in Europe.

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    Re: denmark pu buyer

    thank you both for your imput. he did nt ask any questions about the truck specifically he just wanted the vin and the registration the truck is a turbo deisel so he said they were very rare in denmark. do you have any ideas why he wanted the title copy and the reg.?

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    Re: denmark pu buyer

    Always remember to ask people questions in a polite manner and you will learn a lot about what their goals and motives are. So..... go ahead and ask why he wants the title copy and the reg.
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