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    Target Publishers

    Yes, i tried them out as well. Jacab Larson is a complete idiot and lier. They have a guy in the so called lead department named James who is a complete loser. He can't even keep track of all his lies. I warn anyone who is thinking about trying them. The company is a complete scam. I am reporting them to the Federal trade commision and I advise anyone who has been scammed by this company to do the same.


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    Re: Target Publishers

    I too am a victim of Target Publsihers. I bought live transfers and they were unable to transfer 1 succesfully. The first ten calls were filled with static, echoes and usually ended in a hang up or me telling the person to hang up so that we could reconnect on a better connection.... I was never able to get any of the people on the line 30 seconds after the initial call so I think the numbers they gave me were bogus... basically their technology didn't work. I tried and tried to work with them and they promised to give me credit for every call since there wasn't a single succesful transfer, but after three weeks I should have completed my campaign, but instead hadn't even started it... it is very hard for a startup to be sitting on your hands for 3 weeks when you need cash flow....

    Jacob isn't that bright and the owner isn't either. I took them to small claims court in Reno, flew out from California for the case and won. They are complete scammers.

    **** Their address is a UPS Store Mailbox.....
    561 Keystone Ave, #138
    Reno, NV 89503-4304

    The address above made it hard to serve them because how do you serve a po box...? They are not in compliance with the Nevada Secretary of State guidelines that a real and reachable agent of service be on record with the state for the purpose of process serving.

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    Re: Target Publishers

    I should have known their address is a P.O box!!!!!!! email me i have a few references bewen using a company for inbound leads and they are great!!!

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    Re: Target Publishers

    Well I wired them $1490.00 for 30 paper leads and 20 live transfers as a small test batch, since this was my first time dealing with them. That was last week Tuesday, and Alex Price, if thatís his real name, assured me I would start receiving leads by last week Thursday, still havenít received anything, and now he wont respond to my email or my phone calls. Iíve done some research, Target Publishers Marketing Group Inc of Oregon is registered through Smallbiz Agents LLC of Salem Oregon which is actually located in TucsonAZ and they have a UPS box in RenoNV, the guys real name is Michael Banner. If you check the whois on targetpublishers.com they have all the information hidden through domains by proxy. I have no doubt in my mind at this point that this guy is professional scammer.

    The hunt continues, I will find this guy and bring him down.

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