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Thread: Mortgage Leads

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    Mortgage Leads

    www.targetpublishers.com is company that sells mortgage leads. They are nothing but a complete scam. Jacob Larson is a sales rep. for the company. He will say anything to get you to buy leads from them. They have several complaints filled against them with the BBB.

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    If anyone else as been scammed by this company please post your comments and once we have a total of 10 complaints we can get them shut down by the Federal Trade Commision. I also have been told to contact the Attorney General Office to file complaints.


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    Re: Mortgage Leads

    I also have been ripped off by Target Publishers. Their lead department is complete bull****, they have some idiot named James that is in charge and he has a different lie everyday!!!!!!!!

    Another big red flag with this www.targetpublishers.com is that they do not except credit cards.


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    Re: Mortgage Leads

    I can't belive how fast people reply to these forums, I'm looking forward for these idiots to go down. It's just a matter of time. These guys are nothing but liers, everytime we spoke with them it was one thing or another.

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