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    IPITrading IPILaying

    These Two Sites Are A Pure Scam Do Not Sign Up For A Free Trial They Will Plunder Your Credit/debit Card For Services You Have Not Agreed To ..you Have Been Warned

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    Re: IPITrading IPILaying

    It seems you did not look around.

    These systems are easily oblained free on forums.

    They are not worth the paper ( ebook) they are written on.

    All tipping/ horse racing systems thrive on selling the 'magic' systems.
    I have often emailed these scam artists to give me a screenshot of their bookie acccounts....never have once recieved a reply.

    And do you know why???
    They need suckers like you to earn.

    In future...only buy through 'clickbank' as you are guaranteed a refund should you not be satisfied....and your c/c details are safe
    Looks like you broke this rule.


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