I am sending this email so that I can also have incentives from Plutobox.com

This is a promotional incentive you will get: :)

You will need Paypal account for dividend payouts in the future. Promoters will be notified when to provide account details for their earnings.

The job is quite simple. During the promotional period, PlutoBox.com will give you $10 worth of credits each time you invite one genuine friend to your personal home page. So if you invite 10 genuine friends then you will get $100 worth of credits, which can be spent on Plutobox services to promote your personal homepage.

Promotional period will be over when limited amounts of members are filled in. During that time you can keep depositing your dividend by inviting more of your friends to your room.

There is no stress or hurry. On the contrary, this ought to be easy and fun. Just feel free and spend time in front of your computer inviting your friends. All promoters will monitor other peoples track records and you will see they are also working for their shares. If you think you can do, then follow this instruction.
(*You may be able to join as promotional member unless it is full.)

1. Visit http://www.plutobox.com and click on join and fill out the form.
2. Once you become a member, Login using your new ID.
3. Go to your personal home and you will see two icons. *Home and *Mail.
4. Click on the Mail icon.
5. Click Compose link and create a message using this format.

(*must use a small letter)
To: admin
Subject: promote
Content: julia

6. Once your account is activated a dollar icon will be displayed on your personal web site indicating you are a promoter.
7. Then you are ready to invite your friends for your incentives.
8. Plutobox will provide more instructions how to promote your personal web site.