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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    First thing's first.
    Bewarned of the teachings of any church who says that you have to be ordained by them in order to serve as a Prophet (teacher,minister, pastor ect.)
    If you believe in what Christ taught and the scriptures, then you know first that you won't surely die and that you are a High Priest of His Kingdom.
    Man's laws have most, if not all the time gone against these teachings.
    For we think that for some insane reason God Almighty gave man permission to create laws contrary to His. I am not sorry to believe that God is right and man wrong.
    For it is also said " There is none among you who have not sinned, all have come short of the Glory of God.
    I guess that Christ himself carried a card stating He was a Rabbi, NOT!
    How about the Apostles? Did they have to show their papers. By what authority does man supercede God? And what was taught.
    No man can say who is rightfully of God. These men make laws agianst what is written.
    If you fall into this trap be warned.
    To follow man is not to follow the Almighty.
    This goes out to those who believe Him to be God and no one else.

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    I would have to say, that in the complete regard of that which is the question of this site, no such is not as stated a scam, in the laws of man. Which is what this site is set upon the laws of man, not our own each and every differing opinion on the what is and what is not our own philosophical nor religious belief system. But is it a scam against the legal statutes as they stand.

    As for the question is any church who ordains satanists really a church, to answer that, Yes, they are, as with the legal standpoint of the United States Satanism is a legal and recognized religious expression and belief system allowed as is many many others, some of which go far uglier in most of our minds eyes then even Satanism, however, Legally, yes a church can even ordain Satanist and still under federal laws and mandates be a Church as well as a non-profit organization as well.

    I wish you well in your own belief systems and in your sanctified beliefs, I am not judging any other, for it is not in my hands that any thing or anyone be judged, nor shall I cast the first stone against any, for in doing so I break my own beliefs.

    Be well

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    Thank you for the kind words Brother Michael, As I have previously fought the fight protecting all our freedoms it is one of the small things I stand for, as if we do not protect all our rights then we lose them one by one.

    However with that being said, thank you for your kind words, and that is an excellent recording.

    The wonderful thing about our beliefs is that we can all agree to disagree and step forward in healing wounds that need healing.

    Be well

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    Christian? Jew? Muslim? Pagan? Atheist? No problemo. You came to the right place. Get it all here:

    ULC Monastery Storehouse ULC Monastery Storehouse

    Please log yourself in and if you prefer to create an account so that you can purchase ministerial products and church supplies for all faiths.

    Catholic , Christian, Buddhist, Pagan, Muslim or even Atheist or Agnostic, we recognize and offer products needed for your ministry. Be sure to check out our wedding supplies which will aide any new bride in planning a wedding. We also remind you to get ordained so that you too can assist your friends and family in officiating weddings, baptisms, funerals, blessings and the absolution of sins by others. Also, you can find religious books that argue for and against the institutions of religion.
    Knowledge is power, stay informed, flourish and prosper and together we’ll make this a better world; this we can do.

    The sun never sets on the Universal Life Church. ULC ministers come from all walks of life and spiritual traditions. Our common thread is our adherence to the universal church doctrine:

    "Do only that which is right."

    Looking to become a Reverend of Rock 'n Roll? A saint? The Pope? How 'bout a Princess??? You got $13.99?


    Receive A Religious Title
    Receive A Religious Title
    Click to enlarge


    The ULC grants honorary religious titles upon request. The ULC has no hierarchical structure, however titles of position and authority are available for the independent new churches and ministries. You will receive a certificate with this title awarded to you by the church.

    Currently available titles:

    Abbe, Reverend of Rock 'n Roll, Abbess, Abbot, Ananda, Angel, Apostle of Humility, Apostolic Scribe, Arch Deacon, Arch Priest, Archbishop, Arch cardinal, Ascetic Gnostic, Bible Historian, Bishop, Brahman, Brother, Canon, Cantor, Cardinal, Channel, Chaplain, Colonel, Cure, Deacon, Dervish, Directress, Disciple, Druid, Elder, Faith Healer, Evangelist, Emissary, Father, Field Missionary, Flying Missionary, Free Thinker, Friar, Goddess, Guru, Hadji, Healing Minister, High Priest, High Priestess, Imam, Lama, Lay Sister, Magus, Martyr, Messenger, Metropolitan, Minister of Music, Minister of Peace, Missionary, Missionary Doctor, Missionary Healer, Missionary of Music, Missionary Priest, Monk, Monsignor, Most Reverend, Mystical Philosopher, Orthodox Monk, Parochial Educator, Pastor General, Patriarch, Peace Counselor, Preacher, Preceptor, Priest, Priestess, Prophet, Rector, Rabbi, Religious Preacher, Revelator, Reverend, Reverend Father, Reverend Mother, Right Reverend, Saintly Healer, Scribe, Seer, Shaman, Soul Therapist, Sister, Spiritual Counselor, Spiritual Warrior, Starets, Swami, Teller, Thanatologist, The Very Esteemed, Universal Rabbi, Universal Religious Philosopher, Vicar, Universal Philosopher of Absolute Reality, Wizard, Gothi, Gythia, Psychic Healer, Minister of Rock 'n Roll, Rock 'n Roll Missionary, Rock Doctor (R.D), Rock 'n Roll Minister, Child of the Universe, Prince, Princess, Spiritual Healer, Saint, Pope

    Yeah, can't wait to click on CNN for their "full report" on the ULC.
    Excuse me and ta ta. I'm off to join the ULC Official Fan Page on facebook. :angel:
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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    Quote Originally Posted by ulcnetwork.com View Post
    Ultimately what is going to happen, is Ministers will become innocent victims of this Monastery. They are getting duped, baited by Free Ordination, only to find our the Monastery is not a Church, not legally, that their certificates, titles and degrees which you so diligently prove by copying n'pasting direct from the Monasteries own website, and by the Monasteries own self admission that they are worthless.

    The Monastery can try smearing my name for coming out with the truth, it is their style, but I care about these people being victimized more than my name. I'd rather go to my grave having been persecuted by George Freeman, because I am only trying to save my brothers and sisters from being hurt. You may be of a different than I, but in our faith we believe in sticking up for and doing that which is right, only looking to protect people from being scammed.

    Not one ordination, not one title, not one certificate or one degree ever put out since September 2006 by this Monastery Storehouse is legit.
    Remember, too, however that lots of these "ministers" of this "church" are in it for the tax scam this bogus church affords its bogus ministers. They know exactly what the deal is.
    Remember, also, a fridge or dog is gladly ordained as a minister, as long as said fridge or dog, or its owners, can cough up $13.99.

    One of our members has this gem to say:
    "I have no problem with dogs being ordained, and assuming you believe in a God who knows better, what does it gain before that God? When did you start speaking for Him?"

    He also says:
    "I have a Doctor of Divinity Degree from the ULC."

    It's a short thread. You really should read it just for shitz and giggle, if not for anything else. "Consolidation" is the star of that thread. Brilliant.

    Here's one of Consolidation's posts:

    "Doojie, are you upset at being exposed for misrepresenting yourself.

    Are you ordained, yes

    Are you ordained in the ULC, yes

    Have you stated this fact as a form of credential, yes.

    Is my fridge as qualified as you, yes.

    You are supporting a scam or fraudulent church and therefore part of the scam.

    If you do not say anything silly or contradictory, I will not be able to highlight your errors will I!

    This thread is about the ULC and its lack of credibility and it has been proven to be a fraud, your words further prove it.

    It is not your private Bible ignorance session, you have enough of those threads and I let you go in those as you seem to be searching still.

    You consistently ply your crud on christianity or any religion are scams whilst happy to be a member that sells ordination in these very same religions.

    You yourself have admitted that your church is a scam! in posts 30 -40 are priceless.

    Adults admit when they are wrong Doojie, but in the sham ULC of doojieland you just argue in circles or try to quote Godel's endlessly until the opposition grows tired of the idiocy.
    By the way "dude", are you for real calling anyone dude. LMAO

    Have another look at post 75 and then at least try to understand your own hypocrisy.
    You and your sham ULC church are exposed here for people to read and make up their own minds.
    Next time try to sell your products truthfully via a novelty store and not a diguised as a "church"."



    Read through the entire thread and see how ordaining your dog or fridge is justified.

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    Rev. Michael,

    A $30 million grant, even for a major organization, would be rather extraordinary. Frankly, I find your claim unbelievable on the face of it.

    Please tell us who provided the $30 million grant and for what purpose. Surely, a $30 million grant would be something that could be verified by a third party, given the right information.

    If I am wrong, I'll be happy to apologize.

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    As with any other religious setting, or with any other thing one must take on faith or have deep belief in, there will always be legal issues and squabbles, this is just how it is. I will say this after doing my own investigation into all of the ULC Churches main organizations, the four that stand firm and hold any legal ground, (Take note I said hold LEGAL ground), ulc hq, ulc seminary, ulc.net and Brother Michaels ministry. Those ordained by those groups, are currently recognized as able to legally perform marriages, in some states it requires more paperwork from the main church then other states, but they do hold to legally being able to do these things. There have been with some of the Ministers ordained, misrepresentations of themselves not of the ministries they hold, such as the example read about in arizona one of the ulc ministers was removed from being able to perform ceremonies as they misrepresented themselves as being a Justice of the Peace, that is not the Churches fault they did so it was the minister. There are those who post case law on problems with the ordainments, ok, so you study law or you read other things about these places, truth of the matter is, ALL large facilities of faith experience something either legally, or with the irs, or with ******* in general.

    Example of such, the Crystal Cathedral recently filed bankruptcy, does that mean they are broke? No, does it mean they have no income, not at all. However the point is even the megachurches can experience problems of large magnitudes.

    Most people, who have issue with any of the ULC Ministries, do so mainly because they do not like the fact, of how easily, they perceive it to be that people can become ordained. However, keep in mind always there can be bad in any sect of any religion. Those who hold their ordinations highly, strive to work within their religious beliefs and faiths, to do that which is right. Yet there is always the bad seeds in anything as well. Example, should the Catholic Church be disbanded in the United States because of the actions of their priests who have been convicted or are being indicted for child molestation charges? The United States Laws say no because the actions of the priest is not sanctioned by the Holy See itself.

    As for the "earned Degree's" and the "Honorary Degree's" let us remember that in the United States, we also have a thing called a National Postsecondary Education Cooperative, as well as Private Postsecondary Education, which some of these places are listed. As for the Honorary degree's in which no final exam or dissertation is required, from the legal standpoints, and from the world at large, for those who do not know, let me quote something for you:

    Recipients of an honorary doctorate may if they wish adopt the title of "doctor". In many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, it is now a matter of personal preference should an honorary doctor use the formal title of "doctor", regardless of the background circumstances for the award. Written communications where an honorary doctorate has been awarded may include the letters h.c. after the award to indicate the status.
    The point here is, it really does not matter on personal opinion on how things are perceived, or how things are disapproved of, it is the legality of it all. As it stands at this moment, those groups I mentioned are legally churches with all the proper paperworks filed in their states to be such. With the rights to do as they see fit within their organizations. They may banter back and forth and not see eye to eye on things, however such is how things are in anything that requires faith, to believe.

    As for the monies they may use or find to use in their facilities, what many of the normal people do not know, is that many of the Ministers who work day in and day out on getting their ministries fully working and out into the world, they work with local Community Action groups, and with government agencies and receive ******* sometimes from things such as CSBG ******* and ARRA *******, monies from things such as micro enterprise grants and loans, to larger scaled monies from the government. As many of the ministers I know are Community action advocates. Who work with county commissioners and city councils, in such they are not allowed to state where their monies come from or how much monies exactly they receive from the government.

    All in all, the main thing being said here is there is bad apples in everything from the local mcdonalds to the government itself so it would be no different for Churches ministries and religions to have a few bad apples as well.

    (Terms mentioned above CSBG = The Community Services Block Grant, ARRA = American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009)

    Wishing all well,
    Last edited by Brother Charles; 11-01-2010 at 08:21 AM.

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    Sorry to interrupt your thread,but it has created an opportunity to ask a question.
    Have any of you leaned gentlemen any knowledge of the Charismatic Episcopal Church,and or its key figures?

    Your help would be appreciated,thank you.
    The Raymond st Clair/Gary Martin Beaver Saga.

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    I just looked this up real quick .... --- According to CHEA http://www.chea.org/search/ IT IS NOT ACCREDITED. The "National Private Schools Accreditation Alliance " is an Accreditation Mill. Another semi-bogus organization created for the sole purpose of pretending to be a recognized accreditor. ---

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    This novelty product seller has ordained a dog and a refridgerator( mine).
    I have asked my fridge for guidance but it continues to burble and hum ....no great insights yet and neither do I expect any from anything REAL from this pretend religious group( they are business people seeking to make a dollar ) they ordained ( for a fee) my fridge the very Rev. Kelvin Ator; an inanimate object. They then offered me a handy kit ( again with iinstruction for a small fee) for Kelvin to conduct civil unions.


    Rev. Fuzzy Walstead, is Detective Bruce Walstead's dog, his dog Fuzzy was also ordained a minister via the ULC.

  11. 11-16-2010, 10:23 PM


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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    Quote Originally Posted by rubyslippers View Post
    Not at al they have a CONSITUTIONAL right to practice their faith, I as a person of faith in the US must respect that. If the government attacks the ULC then the Baptists or the Catholics or any other religion can be attacked and lose their rights. Protecting their right to practice protects MY right to practice.

    I was ordained in October of 2005, My state requires me to have a letter in good standing, which ULC provided me at no charge. I took 4 years of soul searching and study. I decided to do only christian weddings. I decided that i wouldn't charge to do a wedding because it shouldn't in my opinion be something I should profit from. i do accept a donation for gas and laundering, but that's it. . ... In 2009 I officiated my first wedding. It felt as if God was with us, it was beautiful! We are supposed to be a nation of religious tolerance and I believe that is what the ULC stands for. I continue to study and maybe one day will open a small non denominational church where the men do the repairs and the women bring flowers to decorate God's house. All memeber will be treated the same rich or poor. There will be no offering plate passed, but there will be a donation box to pay the monthly bills with.
    Our community service will be to help the poor and the elderly. people will dress for church the way they see fit, be it their "sunday best" or jeans. No one will gossip about one another. kindness, love, compassion for all.

    How can anyone state that ULC is anything other than good?
    How can anyone judge my heart is not in the right place?
    How can anyone dare say my ordination was less than Godly?
    If ULC was a "scam" and knew I had to have a letting in good standing, wouldnt they have charged me for it???? they really didnt. and I really am a minister who stands for the Father, and his Son Jesus. I pray God speaks to your hearts.

    Rev. Donna Rogers :liefde:

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    As of 12-2013, in the state of Ohio, the Cert that is sent to you allows you to apply for a Minister License with the Secretary of State for $10, and have the Legal Right to do everything that a 4-8 year zillion dollar grad can do. :yelcutelaughA:

    This is what the Original ULC fought for, and it makes a lot of folks, who are now in debt for the rest of there lives, mad. :2gunsfiring_v1:

    There are trash & angels everywhere, in every area of life. Just because some folks try to use something that was fought for to help people, in a way that it was NOT meant to be used for, does not make it a scam.

    You pay to renew your Drivers License's, and so does the next guy. You drive folks who have no other way to doc appointments, the other guy runs drugs. Both of you are Legally using the Drivers License to drive on the roadway...does that make it a scam because the other guy is trash, while you are the angel?

    No, not in the least.....

    Tho I think that Hensley was a few fry's shy after reading his story (IMHO :crazy1: ) , I do appreciate the fact that, even at that time, he had more balls than most so called "religious leaders" to stand up for his rights....and his fight has given folks the ability to move forward without all the bull.

    I think it will be $30 well spent....

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    Re: Beware of the Universal LIfe Church

    There are certain states where you can be a minister but generally you cant marry people.

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