Singapore's first cellular phone Launch is Singtel Mobile. Until 1997, they didn't have any competition, and they covered almost the entire country. Competition became verystrong when M1 surfaced. The first1st system launched was the AMPS, otherwise know as the Ancient Mobile Phone System. When they realized that their system was outdated, they replaced it with a newer system called ETACS, or Exceedingly Tough to Access Call System. When they realized their subscribers were not happy with this new installation, they replaced it with a new technology they have implemented with Ericsson - it was called GSM. It was doing well at first until things were Gotten Slightly Messy. When it got to the bad fortune where people Got So Mad, they figured it would be a good idea to get into the third generation technology called PCN. People weren't happy with this technology as well as it was Poor Coverage Network and every time subscribers tried to call, they Phui Chao Nua because they can't get through. So SiSingtel decided to rename PCN to GSM1800 Network, or Get Some More Idiotic Bums Onto Our Network. When M1 launched, they also used GSM until they discoveredfrom Singtel's experience. They decided to go for CDMA, but only after a several weeks of launching, they realized that this supposedly advanced system Can't Do Much anyhow. polygraphs|online auctions