I checked out this Mangosteen email I had gotten way back about 8 months ago. I thought Mangosteen was an interesting name and I was curious about what it was. So, I went into the link on the email *(which is dangerous to do today because bots won't ever let you forget that you did) and was taken to a website, I had to put in my name, address, etc.. Gosh these things are almost as demanding for your personal information as those Nigerian Scammers...

Can someone let me know what the 411 is on this company, that now seems to be Vemmabuilder? I mean anyone try the product? Is it healthy? Is the company profitable or is this yet another pyramid type scam where the more people you bring on, the more money you make when they make money, you make money blah blah blah.... spittooey!

Please help me out with this.