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    Free Life Insurance Scam

    PLEASE READ THIS ARTICLE. I am victim of this fraud and am spreading the word:


    The scam targets churches and gets their victims from there. They offer teh church 10% of the death benefit. They entice people by claiming to offer people life insurance with no out of pocket expense to be paid by a "charitable" trust controlled by:

    Ginger Hagerman, Kentucky
    Fred Damron, Kentucky

    Ginger Lee Rose Hagerman declared personal bankruptcy in 2002, and the address of the billion dollar charity deal is her home apartment (#13). As of 2002, she was living off of government disability payments for the past three years, and accumulated $34,000 in outstanding credit card and retail charge card debt. There's some interesting documentation in the court records about her having to amend her social security number that she used on the initial filings.

    Frederick C. Damron was indicted on five counts of "Misuse of a Social Security Number" by a federal grand jury, and pled guilty to one count in 2003.

    Creator: Paul Hiram Chappell

    Others involved:

    Bob Pearson, Dallas
    Ed Young, Indiana
    Greg Young, Indiana & South Carolina
    Charles Spradlin, Indiana

    Name of Program: FREEDOM 7
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    Re: Free Life Insurance Scam

    I was scammed by one of the people involved in this too.

    These people need to go to jail.

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