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    The Inner and Outer Light of Aten

    Let's examine the proposed extant cult of Aten represented on Earth by the pharaoh revivalist slash reenactment groups a.k.a. the Freemasons and the Rosicrucians and their obsession with light. I call them reenactment groups today because I am struck by the resemblance to these societies and the phenomena of fantasy reenactment represented on terra by other mostly white men groups like the fans of Dungeons and Dragons role playing games. Both these groups like to get together and talk in code away from the public eye and feel superior to those uninitiated into the mysteries they themselves hold dear.

    A bit of a mean spirited comparison on my behalf (I dont believe all masons are bad people), yet I want the comparison made as I feel it is nonetheless valid.

    The singular theme that seems to bind almost all the symbolism and literature of secret societies together is light. This light is represented in the material world by the sun itself and in the spiritual sphere by the holy inner light. In fact the exterior light of the sun and the interior light of the holy spirit seems to be almost interchangeable at will (by the symbolism of for example the eye in the triangle) and the interior light is even referred to as the second sun. This obsession can be seen to have originated in large part during the 18th dynasty reign of the Egyptian pharaoh Akhenaten. There are quite obviously earlier origins but the ideas seem to have gotten codified and integrated to a large extent at this point in history. For a full understanding you can get familiar with these ideas through the work of Michael Tsarion at his web site.


    Another way this light is sometimes represented is as the snake, seen on statues of pharaohs like Akhenatens, at the third eye chakra (or Ajna chakra) point in the middle of the forehead.

    The snake can be seen as the kundalini energy awakened at the base of the spine and sent through the chakras by doing intense meditation and yoga and or psychedelic drugs. These concepts are ones that are more often connected to the Yogi's of India and it is interesting to find them represented here in Egypt. Further many shamans all over the world, but more specifically the Amazonian shaman, connect the serpent with the teacher gods or snake space entities. You can find these concepts about snake teachers being discussed at length in Jeremy Narby's "The Cosmic Serpent". I believe the snake teachers connect with the inner light concept through the attainment of cosmic consciousness by accessing information directly through the DNA during intense ecstatic states and then attributing this DNA knowledge with coiled snakes due to the pictorial similarity between the DNA double helix and the coiled serpents.

    I also believe that the secret societies have in the past and do quite probably today use psychedelic plants to access higher states and contact "The Great White Brotherhood" or the "Inner Head" located at the third eye point or pineal gland. Some of these people do probably believe they contact beings outside of themselves, others believe they speak to facets of there own higher self. More astutely (in my opinion) people like Aleister Crowley and Robert Anton Wilson saw these phenomena as a mixture of both. My point here is to show again that symbolic light can be connected to internal or external phenomena depending on how the individual interprets the experience of cosmic consciousness. The secret society symbols show this time and time again like the caduceus. The caduceus with its winged disc symbolizing at the same time both the inner and outer suns.

    The caduceus was recently seen used again in a strange context when it appeared on the poster of the "Snakes on a Plane" poster. I found it so significant.

    the use of sacred symbols in the mainstream media is part of a bigger secret society "uber" ritual playing itself out in the theatre of the "real" world today. The Earth itself with its billions of people, cities and countries being the magickal elements in a giant mega ritual moved around by illuminated forces. If this sounds alarming to you, good, we have to recognize this and take the power we have given these folks back into our own hands!

    The World Trade Center disaster seems to have been part of a symbolic unveiling of light and is continuing to play into the scenario of the destruction of America and the creation of a new Atlantis for the leaders of the major fraternities.
    Another recent symbolic event happened when attention was shown towards Pluto and our new 12 planet solar system which was promptly altered again to 8 planets to demote and diminish its importance. Pluto is soon to be in a significant alignment with galagtic centre.

    Listen to Michael Tsarion's radio interview (Michael Tsarion - Pt 5 - Pluto Demoted & Israelite Pharaohs of the Bible) for more info at


    If you would like more proof of buildings/structures being designed as secret society magickal devices read Graham Hancock & Robert Bauval's "Talisman" also, if you like, read my blog entry about the London Eye.

    Let's see how this light is being represented in new contexts in the media and cross-reference with some previously discussed ideas.

    This new movie poster has me again thinking about the Jesus pyramid from "The Last Supper". The winged lion reminds us of "Lion King" of the cult of Aten and can also be seen as Jesus (a.k.a. Light) himself.

    Here is the creepy corporate sigil of the company that has made the film.

    Notice the Roman numeral 10 and the planets revolving around it. 10 is a solar number and is heavily connected to the cult of Aten (A(ten)). Remember that the Freemasons can blackball potential new members and that the Black Sun was a Nazi symbol.

    Wikipedia article about the blackball mentioning the Freemasons
    Here is the YouTube URL to see the great Monty Python Freemason sketch mentioning the blackball.

    Also of interest in the "One Night with the King" poster is the light coming through the doorway which reminds us of the World Trade Centre poster and the Solomon's temple connection. Let's look at "The Last Supper" and Jesus pyramid first though.

    In a previous post I highlighted the three windows behind Jesus in the painting can be interpreted as the three pillars of freemasonry or the kabbalistic tree of life.

    Michael Tsarion had this to say about "The Last Supper" three pillar connection.
    "On the image with Jesus as the Middle Pillar by da Vinci, it is also curious to note that the right side pillar shows a male pointing and on the left pillar it is the rather feminine figure of John that people think is really Mary...and that is kabbalistically correct. The right pillar is of "Mercy" (Male) and the left "Severity" is feminine."

    Further if we look at Jesus' profile we can see that his body forms a triangle which in its turn forms a pyramid with capstone inside the middle pillar. It is interesting to note that this was discovered by looking at the posters of the "World Trade Centre" movie and the "United 93" posters and their middle pillar with holy light motifs. Now if we look at the winged lion (or Jesus) of "One Night with the King" we can see that just like "The Last Supper" Jesus, both are inside the light. Is this a veiled reference to the illuminated state or the Christ/Buddha mind perhaps?

    The human body in lotus position also forms a little pyramid and the chakra system symbolized by the caduceus is sometimes connected to the middle pillar.

    The little pyramid
    The Middle Pillar

    Looking closer at "The Last Supper" revealed another way of forming the pyramid using the perspective lines under the table.

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    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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    Re: The Inner and Outer Light of Aten

    The light coming through the doorway is a theme strongly connected to the Cult of Aten (as Aten is again a solar deity) and we also see this in the "WTC" and "United 93" posters.

    A quick scan of the WTC movie poster with my third eye revealed a slightly veiled reference to Leonardo da Vinci's "The Last Supper" and the holiest of holies. See how the silhouette of the Twin Towers makes three windows through which the light of the sky shines in between two police officers? The Holy light of the holiest of holies? Are the two figures representative of the two angels guarding the arc?

    It seems to me that the light these images and themes are pointing towards is the same inner light or the sun inside we mentioned earlier. The same light represented by the snake on the third eye point of Akhenaten is the same light alluded to in these fraternally symbolically rich images.

    An amazingly fitting old magazine cover of the WTC
    Disturbingly light can be a weapon and the fraternally controlled media seems to have been able to connect the idea of holy light and faith to the destructive light of atomic and nuclear bombs. Hell, we see Christians happy about the idea of a third world war! I hope they know whose light might really be returning to rule the Earth. Here we see these ideas expressed on Time Magazine covers.

    This theme of holy destructive light on Time covers will be annalyzid in much more detail soon See the mushroom cloud?
    Note the illuminating light on the apex of the bombs.

    We all instinctively yearn for the ecstatic inner light and the media can manipulate this to sell us products, death and destruction. Alarming amounts of advertisements promise energy and light as reward for buying material goods.

    Watch Michaels "The Subversive use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media" for more on this subject http://www.taroscopes.com/webstream/...startpage.html

    I noticed another pyramid in the DaVinci Last Supper painting: if you draw an upside-down triangle using the tops of the windows along the sides of the room as two sides, and the top of the painting as the third, the peak of the pyramid is placed at Jesus' third eye!

    Light is the ancient symbol for truth and knowledge, just as to "see" symbolizes understanding, and eyes are the symbol for spiritual insight. Notice how the Lamb has seven eyes?

    Want to better understand the truth about ancient wisdom and the symbology used to model, encode, and encapsulate it?

    Shuttle Atlantis Suspicions
    This entry will probably test the credulity of most, so be it. I find this kind of thing a kind of mental gymnastic. Here we go...

    While cruising the net today a paid one of regular visits to the Etemenanki web sight. This amazing sight weaves thousands of seemingly unconnected ideas and events together, attempting to show an underlying message subtilely embedded in the very fabric of time and space by super intelligences somewhere out there attempting to make contact to those sensitive enough to recognize and understand it. At least that's what I think Goro Adachi, author of "The Time Rivers" and this mind bending sight, is trying to say. He also uses these "messages" to make predictions about possible future events. I like it because he frequently uses coincidence and conspiracy memes to further his arguments and that's what this all about.

    In his most recent entry on his sight he mentions how he believes the August STS-115 Atlantis shuttle launch will be a significant occasion possibly marking a pivotal world event. What that event will be (if any) we will have to wait and see. What ever you think of prediction some of the points raised by this line of inquiry are fascinating.

    If you follow the Illuminati conspiracy the fact that NASA, a rather suspicious bunch to say the least, even have a shuttle called Atlantis seems weird enough. Ad to that the fact that STS-115 is set to launch on August 27-28 with a window running up to September 7, a timeline that corresponds to the anniversary of hurricane Katrina's American landfall (August 29) and our future overlord Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator 2 date of Judgment Day (August 29). Pretty flaky? Yeah.. well, it sounded good in my head this morning when I woke up.

    This was originally inspired by another page on the Etemenanki web sight http://www.goroadachi.com/etemenanki/sc2012-1.htm

    Lets look at a the previous NASA mission patch as analyzed at Etemenanki


    After seeing those I thought id have a quick look at the new mission patch to see if anything suspicious jumps out at me. Boy, did I ever find some interesting stuff, or perhaps I have explored new as yet undiscovered depths of my neurosis. Actually I'd be surprised if someone else hasn't noticed this as well. Either way, here we go!

    See the pyramid with missing capstone?

    How about now?

    The sun is represented here as a six pointed star. Israel/Solomon connection?

    Weirdly when we cut out the triangular part of the shuttle and place it on top it perfectly completes the pyramid. The shuttle is the captsone of the pyramid!

    Now what the hell does that mean? Will the Atlantis STS-115 launch lead to some kind of completing of Illuminati plans...

    Well... in practical terms, maybe. I saw on TV that they are adding solar panels to the Interantional Space Stattion - a major step towards its completion. Apparently, after this mission the ISS will be double in size. Which leads to another question - How does the ISS fit into Illuminati plans?
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    The internet is the last light of truth and hope...it is truly of the people, by the people and for the people. We must not let it be subverted for any purpose other than the truth. And that truth shall spread to every man woman and child across the globe. No longer will those in power carry the sole means to decide for us, yet we now shall have the power to decide to tune them out.

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