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    Some quick advice

    I work in law enforcement and see tons of scams all the time. The easiest way to avoid being scammed is to follow some simple rules:

    1) if you are told you won a contest prize/lottery, and YOU DID NOT ENTER, it is a scam. Do not give out any info...

    2) No legitimate company/business is going to ask for personal/credit card info unless YOU INITIATED THE CALL....i.e. don't give out info to someone that calls you...

    3) If it sounds too good to be true, it is, or if someone is offering you something for nothing, it is 99% a scam. There really is no such thing as a free lunch or easy money....sorry. It's a scam.

    Basically, if people stopped trying to get a bunch of money for no effort, and stopped giving out their bank account/personal info for greed, these scammers could not operate. But, human nature being what it is.....Oh well.

    Be careful and keep your info to yourself....Good luck..

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    Re: Some quick advice

    Today on TV there was an ad for lotto scams and how to avoid them and the guy said something that should dawn on everyone who gets contacted about winning the lotto: If you didn't buy a ticket you CAN'T win.
    You would think that would be a big DUH! but it's not.
    Patricia Lynne's Treasures
    Why should you look there? Because it's not a get rich scam.
    It's my store! I got it up (almost gotta add a few items and spell check LOL) I got domain hosting and email accounts. I sent out my application for sales tax. I'm so excited. Also check out my blog at myspace page

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    Re: Some quick advice

    Thank you irishblue - some very good, logical advice.

    May I add two more?

    Just because someone says they are a Christian, don't trust them based on that - still do your due diligence and don't give them any money until you check them out.

    'Many come in My Name, but they are not of Me'.

    I thought I was fairly savvy, but was caught off guard by someone who 'talked the talk', but didn't 'walk the walk'.

    We call them the 'Let Us Prey' bunch.

    Add to their larceny, their blasphemy and hopefully they get a special place in hell.

    Did you happen to catch one of the TV news magazines (maybe 60 Minutes or 48 Hours) about the little devices that scan your credit and debit/check cards?

    What happens is that when your card is out of your site, the perp may be a waiter, or a store clerk, and will swipe your card once for the legitimate debit you authorized, and then secretly swipe it in the other little machine that records the magnetic strip and numbers on the card.

    Then they make a card with their own name and signature but with your numbers. This is a Visa/Check card so no PIN is needed -

    It happened to me - didn't know because I had the card in my possession - then one night I tried to buy gas here in the USA and the card was blocked.

    When I called the bank they said 'we have over $1000 in small charges from the former Soviet Union over the past week' (and we finally got a clue).

    The bank paid me back, but doesn't prosecute, and the police also declined to investigate due to 'so much of this'.

    So of course stay on top of your bank statements although in this case it was between statements - If you have online banking, check your balance often. Any decent bank will cover any fraudulent charges.

    Stay safe!

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    Re: Some quick advice

    I have a website link in my e-mail somewhere I think on phishing. Did a nice job of pointing out the the tricks and masked url people use trying to look legit. there was a quiz on the e-mail, I'll post it if I can find it.

    And yes buyer beware so many false promises

    Just because someone says they are a Christian, don't trust them based on that - still do your due diligence and don't give them any money until you check them out.

    Trurth swird thats the truth, the company I am with is christian but I refuse to use that as a tool. THe business needs to stand on its own merits, and while I truly enjoy what I do I am sure it has not been endorsed directly by God. I have met a few on line who will Amen ya while stealing your wallet lol

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    Re: Some quick advice

    Good advice ppl. May I also add:

    Always check the e-mails/links/websites for phishing addresses.
    Many of them look legit but are in fact fake.

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    Re: Some quick advice

    Most jobs where you have to process payments or orders are scams

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