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    mailing special letters

    Really how special is that!
    potential earnings of up to $4,500 or more weekly!
    Free postage, free circulars, free envelopes.
    one time application fees, that range from $59.00 to $159.00. there are 5 income groups first being $750 up to group5 with potential of $7,500 per week.

    Has anybody heard of this crap before? The company is: Premier Mailing service, inc. in Naples, fl.

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    Re: mailing special letters

    Only needs one word

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    Re: mailing special letters

    Got a letter from them today. Cannot find out anything about them. Not on internet. Joined Continental Data Service but may have done so too hastily.

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    Re: mailing special letters

    According to a number of Google search hits, they steal your money and don't send a thing.

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