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    Escrow Assistants??

    I've gotten a few of these e-mailed to me lately. They have a company overseas and you speed up money transactions by collecting money from buyers, taking out your commission, and then sending the money to the company overseas. They haven't asked for bank account info or anything but they don't even their name in the e-mail so it's obvoiusly shady. Anyone know anymore about this?

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    Re: Escrow Assistants??

    Tear u p the email. It's a scam.
    Don't get scammed. Check out all opportunities or Companies before doing business.

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    Re: Escrow Assistants??

    You will be helping criminals steal money until the police knock on your door and explain the scam to you. The criminal lists items like boats and tractors for sale. These items do not exist. But people trust your verifiable USA name and address is safe to send a payment to. So, you keep 10% or whatever and send the rest by western union to your "company". the company does not exist. and you will be responsible for all the missing money plus your lawyer and court costs. also, the criminals may send you counterfeit checks to deposit in your account. of course, you get your 10% and western union the rest to europe. no matter what false name and address you are sending to, the criminal can pick it up at any western union in the world. the only way to win this game is do not play.

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