View Poll Results: Who will be the National Champs in Men's College Hoops?

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  • Florida

    1 33.33%
  • UCLA

    1 33.33%
  • Georgetown

    0 0%
  • Ohio St.

    1 33.33%
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    Who's Going to win the NCAA Tournament??

    Who will win the NCAA Final Four?
    The decisions you make today, will determine who you are tomorrow.

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    Re: Who's Going to win the NCAA Tournament??

    I went with Florida... Not that I like them as a team (I don't) but they are the only team that I have left from my original picks for the original 64...

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    Re: Who's Going to win the NCAA Tournament??

    I think it is so clear. Clean enough for everyone I do not see a good team. To be open and spacious, in a long time, this may be one of the best tournaments I think. A lot of great match ups. Of course, they are UCLA, Duke or Carolina, provides a very easy way.

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