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    Federal Republic of Nigeria

    Hello yall, I'm new here. Tired of getting these phoney emails. Thought
    I would post it here. If only I could buy a scratch ticket and get this lucky!


    ATM Payment Update
    Office of the Chief Auditor to the President,
    International Credit Settlement

    Attention: Beneficiary

    This is to officially inform you that we have verified your contract/inheritance file and found out the reason why you have not received your payment, is because you have not fulfilled all the obligations given to you in respect of your contract/inheritance

    Secondly we have been informed that you are still dealing with some none officials in the bank, in order to attempt to secure the release of the fund to you. We wish to advice you that such an illegal act has to stop if you wish to receive your payment, since we have decided to bring a solution to your problem. Right now we have arranged your payment through our swift card payment. That is the latest instruction from Mr. President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo (GCFR) Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    This card center will send you an ATM Card, which you will use to withdraw your money in any ATM machine in any part of the world, but the maximum is one thousand, five hundred United States dollars per day. If you wish to receive your fund through this medium, do inform us as soon as possible to enable this office to proceed and issue you with your ATM Card. Meanwhile send the following information as listed below to my private email: [email protected].

    1. Full name
    2. Full address (P. O Box not acceptable)
    3. Phone and fax #
    4. Your age, sex and current occupation
    5. Attach copy of your identification

    This office has been mandated to issue out $8,300,000.00 as part payment for this fiscal year 2007. Also for your information, you have to stop any further communication with any other person(s) or office(s) to avoid any hitches in receiving your payment.

    Note due to the activities of the impostors, we hereby issued you our code of conduct, which is (ATM-811) so you have to indicate this code when contacting this office by using it as your subject.


    Chuka Onwachukwa
    Chief Auditor to the President
    Federal Republic of Nigeria

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    Re: Federal Republic of Nigeria

    gosh, that looks legit. I'd send them your full id and bank details fast, befor eyou miss out on this wonderful offer.

    Maybe you can fit it all in between getting your lobotomy reversed, and your appearance on the 'Mr Thickie of America' show.

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    Re: Federal Republic of Nigeria

    I hate these email scams...

    I even read they are starting with IM...
    I hate these guys really
    My blog - Sick and tired of people making others pay for information you can get free... Download 4 free ebooks on my page, no email asked or anything...

    Good read - Information on different scams, not reviews, just info.

    Another great forum - It'll help you with your affiliate marketing, and of course, it is free!

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    Re: Federal Republic of Nigeria

    change your email address, these emails should stop

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