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    Forgive my ineptitude but what are affiliate links and affiliate marketing?

    I keep seeing the word "affiliate." Some posts make it sound negative, others say money can be made in affiliate marketing. I'm 47 years old and of average intelligence and I have a high degree of common sense but can someone please explain to me what I am obviously missing? I have an idea of what the answer is but it's confusing.

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    Re: Forgive my ineptitude but what are affiliate links and affiliate marketing?

    Found this:


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    Re: Forgive my ineptitude but what are affiliate links and affiliate marketing?

    Simply put.. there are two types of affiliate marketing. One is I personally don't like and it DOES have a negative connotation. Take for instance all those webpages you see that say "I have reviewed all the work at home businesses out there and while most are scams, these two are great and Im making 1000 dollars a week!" When you click on one of those businesses you will notice that you are taken to a clickbank link, 9 out of ten times. If you buy one of those ebooks the webpage owner makes money.

    The other type is what I do and think is fine.. I built a website with a lot of valid information and I include google adsense on it and I am an affiliate for some companies and you will see their ad's on my website as well. If someone makes a purchase through my links, I will make some money.

    The key is to build a website that people are interested in visiting and coming back to. I have seen websites that are nothing but affiliate links and while SOMEONE might click on one of their links, chances are they will notice what it is about and just close the page. I personally visit wahm.com DAILY and if you look there you will see affiliate links. The google ads here at scam are affiliate links..

    Hope this helped a little! I have a ton of information on affiliate advertising on one of my blogs, if you are interested let me know and I will find the links for you.

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