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    World of America "Rewards Certificate"

    a coworker of mine recieved a gift certificate i guess in the mail, for $2000 at www.WOArewards.com. i can only find one article that declares that this is a scam, but they couldn't base anything on fact, and were just looking at the cheapness of the crap on the website and the fact that the certificate holder had to pay an apparently bloated shipping fee.

    the certificate:

    Internet Shopping Spree
    Rewards Certificate

    The holder of this certificate is entitled to obtain
    in merchandise and services from the World of America
    Internet Catalog without any product charges.*

    Redeem this Certificate at www.WOArewards.com
    by entering the password set forth below.

    *You need only remit the processing profit fee used in part to offset shipping, handling, and administrative costs for delivery right to your door.

    Distributed by gift certificates of america, inc.
    3280 sunrise highway, (#400), Wantagh, NY 11793.

    there's all the facts, straight from the paper. the site doesn't look good to me... if you actually visit their sponsor like they "ask" you to, it's a copy of the woarewards site except with a different header graphic. and what's this "administrative costs"? i've seen yall do your research before - scam or real?

    also, if you click the sponsor of the sponsor, you get a security error popup before heading to the first site that actually looks vaguely legit.
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    Re: World of America "Rewards Certificate"

    From what I read on rip off report it looks pretty clear. Prices are overinflated and shipping/handling fees are excessive. The only way to get people to their site is through certificate.

    You can also see real price of those certificates on the market here

    $1000 certificate is sold for $1.

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    Re: World of America "Rewards Certificate"

    We just recieved a letter from WOARewards saying that we could Win 2,000,000 or take lump sum. Is this a scam like I think it is.
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