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    Bill O'Reilly getting his butt kicked by a Chick

    man Us Americans dont need billo, or geo to run America we need freedom and truth!!! we must stand up to the constitution of the good ol USA yea yea. Dont be afraid to stand up and make them afraid, because their afraid too, see wiz hates himself because he is better than that, but cant pull it off, being a good guy that is, so is paulcrawl my shadow u followes me around. I like paulm hes not totally bad, and I like lexx and task, but shes too smart for me. I like the conspiracy forum the best. > Political Chat Conspiracy Theory whats the difference? None. If I took side Id go with lexx and task cause the paulcrawlwiz foundation that just lingers . wiz should post more! he dont linger enough @ we need his iq in our data base, and paulcrawl could invite me over for dinner one night. Please paul, bogie could pick me up at Hobby airpirt in Houston and maybe we could hook up with wiz (wow would that be fun!!) flying his orb to pauls hot tub and telling us all scam storys all butt naked, and then wee' have a contest, the . see whos got the longest dick. I go with lexx on the long end! and wiz being the short.end!...we'd wwwwin hehe just asking :cool: :) :D
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