I know folks have heard of modeling scams, where pretend agencies ask young men and women to cough up hefty funds to take pictures for "not guaranteed" modeling work...BUT

Did you all know that a lot of beauty pageants are SCAMS??
For instance, the Miss Plus America pageant, which is a national beauty pageant for women size 14 and over, demands $650 for the general entry fee of each contestant, not to mention, a $100 fee for to pay for a full page ad in their sponsorship book, and "optionals", which include Talent, Photogenic, Portfolio, Spokesmodel, etc (they charge around $15 to $25 extra for each optional. And the best part, YOU HAVE TO PAY FOR YOUR OWN TRAVEL AND HOTEL EXPENSES...!!! That's right folks! You have to buy your plane tickets, and pay for the hotel stay. And unfortunately, you do not get to choose which hotel you get to stay in. It's mandatory to stay at the hotel, that is hosting the pageant. So you can forget about finding the cheapest hotel to cut costs.

So once all of this is out of the way, then the contestant has to pick out her pageant wardrobe (and I don't even want to go into details about how much gowns, dresses, business suits, etc cost)

The point is, there are several of these beauty pageants out there, scamming innocent victims and rewarding them with just a plastic trophy or gift certificates valued at $50 or less for winning. These type of pageants prey on the innocent, naive person.

Usually, the national winner is a "pawn" that is placed there specifically by the pageant's staff (meaning the pageant is usually rigged). The crowned winner usually is friends with one or more of the panel of judges already. She's the girl who already knows she's guaranteed to win before the pageant starts. She's helping the staff of the pageant. The losing contestants are the naive ones from out-of-state, who have no idea of what they have gotten into, and once they have invested at least $700 of their money, by the time the pageant is over, a lot of them realize that have been swindled.

Now there are big, extravagant beauty pageants, like Miss USA, Miss America that offer REAL prizes like $50,000 in cash and a car, furs, etc... beautiful prizes, but for these cheesy local pageants that don't offer much prizes, but want to suck your pockets dry, PLEASE AVOID THEM!

THEY ARE SCAMS!!! I hope a television station will expose some of them one day... its sad how much money they take from innocent women.

Hope this helps everyone! Pass this on to every woman out there, thinking to enter a local pageant for the very first time....!!! And if you have been scammed, don't be afraid to file with your local BBB or Attorney General's office!

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