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    tracting all the connections as a multi selector

    It has occurred to me that we are all connected...nothing new you might say...but yet when you really deeply look at what goes on in this our world Earth you see how each and everyone of us is joined....now are we joined together thru 'meetings' or are we joined together thru words?

    The correct word for this meaning would be 'communications'....first the mouth then the notes then the broadcastings to radio to phone to tv to comp. and all the inbetween bits/bytes...little mouthfuls of sounds that can be written for all to see hear and observed....

    Get a group of people together and watch them grow with similiar ideas to ideas that are not the normal.... building on to our now technology...each of these words have the 'ech or etch' as in teacher for a prime example...we go from one to another in all our doings...
    The same applies to Art to Business to politics to religions cults sects etc...here the ech plays its secret game...we go in to seek the truth only to find they are lies or into lies only to find the truth....ending up with true lies...

    For every virus there is an anti virus what is made can be unmade...and so it goes on...every invention is built upon by each generation...every new discovery is built upon by the next persons ideas....

    Even the comp. in the past few years has leaped...now pulling us all together to be whatever we deem ourselves to be...the more information the smaller the chip...

    The lily pond effect is now bordering all edges...be that of knowledges....our populations are now connected together...every part of our little world (used to be a big world when there were only a few) is joined or getting joined...many fight to remain separate but satellites are making bee lines to all of us....when all the lines and dots are joined .... what will happen...????

    Scams is the same pattern...wheres theres a will theres a way....it comes so close to ante and anti...if there is an anti then theres the ante...how so one tiny letter changes it to the opposite..the opposed sites...the sites of all are connected...

    We are so connected together that l shiver in unknowingness that we are becoming the very source of all we create....but are we creating or are we being fed to go a particular way?

    A prime example of these connections is in the way we 'see'...our perception...its a bit like having a purse and peering deep into its depths...as in piercing....and when we pierce we in fact are about to have a ring inserted into our nose..or nostre...be it a ring or stud...again a dot and a stroke....

    Everywhere l look l see dots and strokes in all manners of our perceptions....even our sexual parts are but a dot and a stroke...which brings me back to the basic pattern of all our doings as beings...

    The dot and the stroke make all the patterns we know of....there is nothing that does not have this 'magical artwork'.....even our bodies are dots(heads) and strokes (body)....we either walk in circles or straight lines...we either see a particle or a wave...

    And to me (unknown) it all seems (seams) in the array of lovely patterns one gets on a sewing machine...or loom...or web...or so many others that the comp. is collecting...

    Now computer is original from 'compure'...to communicate....

    Here we are all putting our 'human knowledge' on one machine that is now a combination of phone, radio, tv ect......

    What l am wondering is this.....WHO IS COLLECTING ALL THIS INFORMATION That we so freely share here and everywhere else?????????

    Could it be a 'bent stroke with a dot beneath it' ?

    Could it be the 'hook'...the crook?

    Everything is being put on to this computer thingy....yes everything from banks to criminals to kings and all their doings as beings....

    Even puting a pen in our fingers to write creates a circle to hold...digits of fingers tapping squares that are rounded of....strokes going off into space (a rounded balloon shape)....

    It has occured to me the so called gods are but a dot and stroke making lots of other dots and strokes....maybe when we pierce the dots deeply that allows light in...a bit like looking at the stars and the comets that shoot in archs...bats and balls....ovals with long posts and drawn lines...our rockets are long but also round...are these the two most basic...that in all its simplicity is a complexity that surely does create the most sensual smile on my pathways....

    Little arrows looking for targets....

    Does anyone else see what l see?

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    Re: tracting all the connections as a multi selector

    Strange, in a way, saying that black is white and so on.

    White is white and black is black. World much simpler that way.

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