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    is this true or scam

    Your Ref:2810/04/TF-ATW
    Toshiba Handle company ::Introduces the position of offshore financial
    manager,responsible for processing payments from customers and
    doing business with Toshiba and other financial means.
    The requirements for the candidates are :
    -Being energetic,responsible,honest and industrious
    -Being under 60 years old
    -Having a few(1-2 hrs a day)
    -Having a bank account
    -Having a phone,(home and mobile)
    -Having an email
    Once you are able to attribute yourself and meet all the above
    listed requirements,you should probably then apply for our offered
    position.Our company remains the most
    successful distributor of power equipments manufactured by
    Toshiba.Recently,our company's profit has increased so much ,thus, we decided to
    expand into the markets of
    United Kingdom and Africa.
    Your duties as offshore financial manager will be to receive payments
    through various means from the customer in the nearest region .The
    employee will process the payment and
    send the money via Western Union or Moneygram to one of our regional
    trade missions or our partner regional branches in the Senega or United
    Kingdom most especially.
    We will forward your name and Bank account info to our accreditted
    customer who will wire the payment direct to your bank account.You are
    expected to deducted 10% for
    your income and wired the same day without any excuses.(YOU COULD
    Its real and legit and we have our own way of verifing information
    given to us to ascertain if its genuine or otherwise.We also have security
    agents working with us in
    collaboration with the FBI,Scotland Yard and INTERPOL just in case you
    turn out to be a cheat.
    BY TOSHIBA HANDLE ,so when sending via western union or moneygram,fees
    will be taken from total sum processed by you.further details regarding
    to the employment form and confirmation will be entertained via our
    personal email address.

    Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.
    Computer Systems Division
    9740 Irvine Boulevard
    Irvine, CA 92618.

    Web content for all TOSHIBA AMERICA Divisions: http://www.toshiba.com

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    Re: is this true or scam

    Since this is here for a week with no answer, unless someone PM'd you, the answer is "NO", this is not true. Doc.

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