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    Turn $5 into $50000

    Turn $5 into $50,000+

    * __From__: Insanityfirst
    * __Subject__: Turn $5 into $50,000+
    * __Date__: Mon, 24 Nov 2003 00:03:13 -0600

    This is much easier. Give it a quick read and you'll see what I mean.
    I've spent more on Lottery tickets in one day.... but, never will again thanks
    to this!
    Read on....
    If you want to make a few thousand dollars really quickly, then please take a
    moment to read and understand this opportunity I am sharing with you. NO, it is
    not what you think! YOU DO NOT have to send $5 to five people to buy a report,
    get on their mailing list, OR buy a recipe or any other product. NOR will you
    need to invest more money later to get things going. This is the fastest,
    easiest program you will ever be able to do. Complete it in One hour and you
    will never forget the day you first received it in the mail or online. If you
    are doing other programs, by all means stay with them. The more the merrier!
    But please read on.
    First of all, there are only three levels, not four, five or six, like many
    other programs. This three level program is more realistic and much, much
    faster. Because it is so easy, the response rate for this program is Very high
    and Very fast. And you receive your reward in about fourteen days. That's only
    Two weeks - not three months. Just in time for next month's bills!!!!!!!!!!!

    You mail our 20 copies (not 200 or more as in other programs) or post 20 on the
    internet. You should send them to people who send you their programs, because
    they are already believers and your program is better and faster or post them
    in chat forums or on message boards. Even if you are already in a program,
    continue to stay with it, but do yourself a favor and DO THIS ONE as well.
    RIGHT NOW! It is simple and takes a very small investment, not hundreds of
    dollars. And it will pay you before the other letters even begin to trickle
    Just give one person $5. That's it! That's all! Follow the simple instructions
    and in two weeks you should have at least seen $7,000 because most people will
    respond due to the low investment, speed, and huge profit potential. We are now
    at a 50% response rate! That's a $10,000 return. So let's all keep it going and
    help each other in these tough times.
    Trust me, this really works and it's 100% legal!
    1. On a blank sheet of dark paper write your name and address clearly then write "PLEASE
    PUT ME ON YOUR MAILING LIST" and fold it around a five-dollar bill. Then send this to the
    first name on the list. Only the #1 person on the list gets your name and a five-dollar
    gift. (By adding "Please put me on your mailing list, you are creating a service which
    is why this is 100% legal. You are requesting a legitimate service and you are paying for
    2. Retype the list only, removing the first (#1) name from the list. Move the
    other two names up and add your name to the list in the third (#3) position.
    3. Paste your newly typed list neatly over the old one and make 20 copies of
    this letter and send to 20 prospects or post 20 on the internet on message
    boards or chat forums. An excellent source of names is the people who send you
    other programs, and the names listed on the letter that they send you. Do it
    right away. It's so easy; don't mull it over, One hour! That's it!
    There is no more to do. When your name reaches the first position in a few
    days, it will be your turn to collect your gifts. The gifts will be sent to you
    by over 1,500 to 2,000 people like yourself who are willing to invest $5 and
    one hour to receive $7,000 in cash. Your entire investment will be about $5 to
    $10 including the $5 gift you sent the first name on the list, envelopes,
    copies, and stamps. That's all! There will be a total of $7,000 dollars in your
    mailbox in $5 bills in two weeks. Consider that!
    OF COURSE, No mailing lists to buy and wait for. No further trips to the
    printer or copier. And now you can do it again over and over with your regular
    group of gifters. Why not? It beats working! Each time you receive a MLM offer
    in the mail, respond with this letter! Your name will climb position at a
    Dizzying geometric rate.

    Some people may want to purchase a mailing list of opportunity seekers and send
    out 200 or more. That's fine. You can if you want to. That decision is yours to
    make. The possibilities are great. But we are enjoying a 50% rate to this
    letter. Not interested? C'mon you have nothing to lose! Experimentation? One
    hour of your time and about $5 to $10!

    Have fun! You will thank me later.

    * Turn $5 into $50,000+, Insanityfirst
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    Re: Turn $5 into $50000

    Yea Right......

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    Re: Turn $5 into $50000

    Chain mail, illegal and annoying. I get one of those, it goes straight to the nearest postmaster.

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    Re: Turn $5 into $50000

    Just throw the money in the street with your name and address on it. Go ahead just do it. You'll get the same result. LOL

    It just proves there's a sucker born every day.

    Lady Mod

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    Re: Turn $5 into $50000

    Pathetic Pathetic Pathetic! You should know that you cant get something for nothing trust me ive learned if you want to make some money check out my program but if your lazy and just expect money to fly down from the sky then dont even bother bottom line dont post dumb scams like that in this forum its nothing but a waste of time.
    Kevin Thompson
    Creator of www.extremeniche.com

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    Re: Turn $5 into $50000

    I do this thing called work.

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