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    www.The Best online system

    Has anyone heard of The Best Online System.com?
    I received a call from them, stating that they had seen where I was looking online for home business. Which that is true, but could not understand how they received my phone#.
    Are they on the up & up or scam?


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    Re: www.The Best online system

    I got this same phone call. It is for Photomax. There is a thread about them here. I don't know anything about them. I thought it looked good when I went to the web site. But I was scared away when I read the thread here about it. They told me that I would need to put in at least 10 hours a week. I can only put in about an hour a day during the school year with out taking time away from my family. I do not have any experience with them myself.

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    Re: www.The Best online system

    they called me too but i have no clue how they got my number
    the place was called the best online system.com

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    Re: www.The Best online system

    They may have got your phone no. from some survey form or your resume

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    Re: www.The Best online system

    They get your phone number by purchasing leads. The leads have phone number, name, email and address (city and state). They get you in with a cost of $199 and then after the training, if you want to accelerate your earnings, you purchase a fast track package for 3995 or 5995.

    Lots of calling people. I'm not calling it a scam, but I did it and can tell you, the leads must be purchased (they prohibit you from advertising elsewhere) and then there is that upgrade thing...

    Been there, done that. :shocked:


    Hillary Jollimore
    Hillary Jollimore
    Director of Business Development
    New Tampa Specialty Services, LLC

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