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    Vertical Marketing LLC

    Good day

    Has any one herd of, Vertical Marketing / E-currency Exchange , they have 3 different Internet businesses.

    They use E-Bullion, or E-Gold to fund there businesses , who I am not sure they are legit,can't reach anyone to verify if the company is a scam.
    some of the web links are Legisi.com, DXSynergy, E-Bullion. E-gold.
    E-Currency exchange , they use video to set you up on these websites & ask you to fund them.
    when you call them, you are notable to reach anyone.

    Has any one had dealings with any or all of these companies or websites???


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    Re: Vertical Marketing LLC

    Legisi is a low rate ponzi and from what I read is DXSynergy. E-gold is often used to finance scams.

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    Re: Vertical Marketing LLC

    Very true, egold does not work all times.

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    Re: Vertical Marketing LLC

    It was ok at the start, then I don't know why but one day they did not reply to my questions. So I send again my email, waited and no hear back from them. To call them, it costed me a whole day of work. i wait and wait and had to wait 30 minutes again could not help me only take information and would call me back. Nada.

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    Re: Vertical Marketing LLC

    Hello every one, we have received several emails via our contact form, asking about our E-currency Exchange Software. After some research, we ran into this forum.

    Our company is also called Vertical Marketing llc. However, we are not responsible for the deployment of the websites in question including the E-currency Exchange that has seemed to disappoint so many people.

    Vertical Marketing LLC (VerticalMarketing.Co) is Web Design Company in Miami Florida specializing in affordable small business websites development we would never engage in any business model of this sort.

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