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    300 vs 70 Million

    120,000- 1,200,000 Persians almost got beat by 1300 soldiers in a battle to save Athens. The spartans lost but they killed over 40k with a mere 1300 soldiers.

    ooh, thats got to hurt the feelings of Iranians. :D


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    Re: 300 vs 70 Million

    Even if there is or was some grand conspiracy in the timing of the making and release of this movie, I think it is ridiculous for the Iranians to be making such a stink.
    Personally I cant wait to see it myself. Fortunately or unfortunately I think the stink being made about it will only serve to the benefit of the box office.
    Has anyone seen it yet? Please don't spoil it, but if you have was it as good as it looks?
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    Re: 300 vs 70 Million

    In the face of overwhelming odds, it certainly shows how a small group of determined individuals can change the course of events in any given battle strategy. It reminds me of other battles where small numbers fought to the death to defend their lands, the Alamo, the Battle of Britain, and now in the face of an impressive force, the "Persians" are showing their resolve in defending their homeland.
    "Those who forget the past are destined to repeat it".

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    Re: 300 vs 70 Million

    Hmmm, I don't recall Iran raising a stink about the movie "Alexander". He didn't just defeat the Persian army in the field... he destroyed their empire.

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    Re: 300 vs 70 Million

    The Spartans were a lot more than "determined individuals" or "soldiers" they were born & bred as warriors, they were a race of people, new born Spartan males were formally examined for any physical deformities. If any were found, they were carried to a nearby gorge and left out in the sun to die of exposure.

    Babies who passed this test were taken from their mothers at the age of seven and inducted into a compulsory communal education system - a training which would last them all their lives.

    A uniquely professional and motivated fighting force, they were the SAS of the Greek world. Their toughness was honed in an educational system unmatched in the West until the Hitler Youth organisation.

    Like Nazi Germany, it used constant indoctrination from an early age to enforce its totalitarian rule, and spies and secret police to create a climate of fear. Like the Nazis, it killed the mentally and physically disabled, and half-breeds - the children of Spartan mothers and non-Spartan fathers.

    With large heavy metal shields, arrows could not penetrate them, overlapped forming eight shield deep walls they simply bulldozed their enemies of the field, their superhuman fitness, unmatched today, combined with highly skilled close quarter fighting abilities be it with spear, sword, hands, teeth and a fight to the death attitude would have defeated any Infantry, Cavalry & Archers of the day especially in such a narrow pass like Thermopylae, but this doesn't detract from their achievement in holding off the Persians .

    The western world owes a great debt to this race of warriors.

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