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    This is a true accurate Account of our
    House Fire on 20th August 2005
    and our dealings to date with
    AXA Insurance and Their Agents.
    Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd

    Policy No 12/16/208930607

    Ref No 05/2235118 Mary & Patrick Ronan

    For the attention of the following:

    Edwin Armitage [email protected]
    Niall Pritchard Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd
    Mr Philip Doyle AXA Insurance
    J.P.O'Neill (Chief Executive) AXA Insurance
    D. Holt (UK) AXA Insurance
    M.A. Cassels AXA Insurance
    P. G. Healy AXA Insurance
    P. Hubbard (UK) AXA Insurance
    P. Maso (FR) AXA Insurance
    F.De Meneval (FR) AXA Insurance

    Why are you trying to Scam Us.

    Do you treat all your customers this way.
    We Honestly could not recommend you.
    On the 20th August 2005 our 4 bed bungalow was destroyed by fire
    and all our possessions accumulated over a period of 33 years
    were totally lost.
    We rang AXA insurance on the following Monday to report the loss
    as they do not have a weekend service.
    They duly sent their people to the scene where they took photos ,and details
    of all the remains of our belongings ,and the structure of the house.
    At this stage my own Assessor who I engaged to look after my claim
    requested an interim payment for the purchase of clothing ,accommodation etc etc.
    Our assessor advised my Wife and myself to try and put a list of contents together .
    AXA insurance appointed Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell Ltd. (Limerick)
    as their loss adjusters.
    The person appointed by Gab Robins Scully Tyrrell was Edwin Armitage

    The AXA slogan

    AXA and You. Perfect Together.

    True or False you be the judge.

    They Should Change it to

    AXA Scam You Perfect Together

    Three weeks later we received a cheque on account
    for 15,000 euro after several phone calls.
    A couple of weeks after the fire Edwin Armitage told us we could clear out the house
    but to keep all the clothes and the remainder of my large collection of clocks and watches for inspection. Approx 550
    These clothes were all smoke and water damage and were stored in 30 plastic bags in a shed.
    Months went bye and no news as to when we could start to re-build our home.
    Nobody turned up to inspect the clothes etc despite waiting at the
    house on a number of occasions on the instructions of Edwin Armitage.
    Eventually in November 2005 they sent us an interim payment to start the Re-Building.
    I could have been finished building by then and not have to spend
    our first Christmas away from home in 58 years.
    Edwin Armitage requested that we have the TVs checked to see
    if they were working and what guarantee could be got from the dealer.
    We contacted a company in Limerick and duly had the TVs delivered
    from storage to their premises for inspection.
    I spoke with the owner and told him I only wanted to have them checked
    and a letter in writing for the Insurance co stating if they could be guaranteed.
    Without our knowledge:

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    The owner contacted Edwin Armitage The AXA Agent and asked him what to do (None of his Business)
    And Edwin Armitage told him to repair the TVs.
    The owner then phoned me asking for money before he would release
    them back into storage I asked what guarantee would he give if they were repaired and he said he could not even guarantee he would be alive tomorrow. Some Cowboy at that point I was informed of what Edwin Armitage had done.
    Eventually the Insurance co agreed to sell the TVs to this repair
    man and to allow us the cost of new TVs. some were already new.
    Received a few phone calls from Edwin asking where the remote controls
    were as the TVs would be useless without them, I replied that they were
    probably in storage with other items.


    A few days later I phoned Edwin to ask if I could dump the
    clothing as they were beginning to smell.
    He said I could dump all the clothes and keep the clocks and also warned me that
    I did not have the authority to contact him without going through my own assessor.
    He had no problem phoning me about the remotes did he.
    Christmas came and went and no news on the contents so I wrote a letter
    to my assessor complaining and he forwarded a copy to the Insurance Company.
    Then I was informed that after nearly 5 Months and no offer on the
    contents and no help what so ever from Edwin Armitage that he had
    been removed from dealing with my claim. (This Fact they denied later)
    The job was now given over to Edwins Boss a Mr Niall Pritchard. (AS Overseer)
    We taught at last we would be able to finalise the contents.
    We were totally wrong.

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    Early in January My Wife and I met with Niall Pritchard,Edwin Armitage, and My own Assessor
    to discuss the prices for the contents.
    At that meeting Niall Pritchard agreed that all the clothes would not be assessed as old
    and that he would ask AXA to finalise the contents claim except for
    the clock collection and some Books.
    He further stated that my clocks ( approx 550) Books approx (300) and 1500 old Music Records would be valued as individual items and not as collections as they were bought over a period of 35 years
    He then went on to say we have a dirty job before us now to inspect the clothes
    He did not even know that his Employee Edwin Armitage had already told us
    to dispose of them several weeks before that.
    Another few week passed and we were informed that AXA would not agree to pay the balance leaving out the above items. They wished to settle the claim in full.
    They then some weeks later they made us an offer of less that 50% of the value with a take it or leave it attitude. and Philip Doyle of AXA informed me not to contact him again but to go through my accessor. We pay our subscription to AXA and not the accessor have we no rights.

    It is now the 26th Feb 2006 and our home is almost re- built
    no thanks to AXA or their Agents.
    We now have to try and finance the furnishing of the house as they have
    not given my Wife or myself anything towards the contents.
    They did however give us the sum of 30,000 euro toward my
    Daughters and sons belongings as they were building new houses
    at the time and all their possessions were also lost.
    So my Wife and Myself who are on disability pensions have to get finance to
    finish the building as AXA hold back a Percentage until we can prove that we spent it on the house.

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    We also have to furnish the house such as beds,wardrobes, carpets,
    clothes, bed clothes and general household items.
    We have supplied AXA and their agents all the documents ,
    photos prices etc that they requested several months ago.
    So we assume we are not humans only numbers.
    Well for reference our number is 05/2235118

    We had to pay the storage company by visa in order to get our kitchen appliances out of storage.
    I have also received a Solicitors letter from The Limerick Fire Service for charges.
    When are AXA going to pay.
    You can view photos of Our Home before and after the fire and also some
    of the vast amount of items lost in the fire

    AXA Insurance have stated that we have cover of the amount of 120,000 0n our contents
    this is not correct as our policy states that the contents are unlimited
    and to prove this we list below our renewal notice for2003 2005 and 2006

    Your Insurance

    Please pay your premium to:
    WWW.axa.le 47 O'CONNELL ST. LIMERICK (061) 315544
    Your policy falls due for renewal on the date shown
    RENEWAL DATE 08 DEC 2003
    Sum Insured/Limit Premium 1 Buildings Contents Motor Policy
    Discount Combination Discount Age Discount Renewal Premium
    ex Gov Levy 2% Government Levy Total Due
    Buildings 220000
    Contents Unlimited


    Please pay your premium before the renewal date shown, to:
    (061) 315544
    Your policy falls due for renewal on the date shown. Policy Number 12/16/208930607
    Renewal Date 08 DEC 2005
    Class of Insurance Home Insurance Section Sum Insured/Limit Premium
    Buildings Contents Motor Policy Discount Combination Discount
    Age Discount Claims Experience Loading Renewal Premium
    ex Gov Levy 2% Government Levy Total Due
    Buildings 242550
    Contents Unlimited

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    This Schedule is attached to and forms part of the Policy numbered below.
    It replaces any previous Schedule which may have been issued in connection with this policy.
    Policy Number: 12/16/208930607
    Period of Cover: From 00:01 on 08/12/2005 to 24:00 on 07/12/2006
    Renewal date: 08/12/2006
    Mrs Mary Ronan Mr Patrick Ronan CAPPAGH ASKEATON CO LIMERICK

    Sum insured Buildings 242,550 Yes -
    Total value of contents insured Unlimited cover
    Accidental Damage Cover Not Operative
    PERSONAL POSSESSIONS: Unspecified Risks - No Specified Risks -
    No Endorsements applicable. You would pay: 125 Incorporating
    PMPA Insurance DirectOrs J.P O'NeilljChief Executive), D. Holt (UKI. MA Cassells,
    PG. Healy. P Hubbard (UKI. P Maso (FRI. F. De Meneval (FR).

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