I am a business owner and received an email from Angie's List informing me that a customer had left a positive review about my company and in order to see the review I needed to claim my listing. So being curious as to this supposed review and what it contained, I proceeded to sign into my business account on Angie's List only to find that my company isn't even listed.

I signed up my business thinking that it would somehow miraculously show me this review but in the end. It never materialized.

How can a customer leave a positive review for my company that Angie's List doesn't even have record of? The answer: They Can't and they didn't!

Angie's List is using deceptive and dishonest email phishing practices to entice business owners to sign up on their site with the lie that customers are already leaving reviews for their company.

Angie's List is a site that touts that they are the place for customers to go to to find reputable contractors. Why would customers want to pay Angie's List to find reputable contractors when they themselves use such unethical practices?

Start being honest Angie's List and quit scamming hardworking business owners.