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    All Men Are Equal.....

    Brad Walsh was a 47 year old father of three, and a member of a far right, neo nazi group.

    His wife was privately tired of his rants against ethnic minorities, however, being handy with his fists, she had learned to remain silent.

    By good fortune, his three children had also rejected their dad's political ideals.

    This caused him much angst.

    One day, Brad was sitting in his lounge, watching the news, when he heard the distinct sound of music coming from the bedroom of his eldest son.

    Not just any music.

    Bob Marley.

    Storming upstairs, he burst into his son's bedroom, launched a verbal tirade, and smashed up the CD that was playing.

    Over the next week, strange things began to happen.

    So strange in fact, that Brad wondered if he was perhaps losing his mind.

    First, his wife began to darken in skin colour.

    Then, his children also started to darken.

    Within a fortnight, his wife and three kids had not only turned black in colour, they had formed the physical traits of an African.

    Things did not cease to get any less strange in Brad's world.

    A month or so later, his entire neighbouhood had undergone the same transformation.

    Not long after, every colleague at work, indeed, everyone that he knew had literally turned black.

    Brad felt alone, isolated, afraid, and an outcast.

    He beleived in no god, yet found himself 'praying' that he too could turn black, so that he could fit in, and normality would be restored to his world.

    His wish was granted.

    24 hours after his 'prayer', Brad's skin tone did indeed begin to darken.

    In another 24 hours, he had all the physical charachteristics of an African man.

    Brad felt happy again.

    He fitted in.

    Sitting around the breakfast table with his family one morning, soon after, he remarked at how blessed he felt that this change had happened to him also.

    Finishing his breakfast, he looked up at his wife, and said, "Of course, some of us are more black than others".....

    "Ethics" is simply a last-gasp attempt by deist conservatives and
    orthodox dogmatics to keep humanity in ignorance and obscurantism,
    through the well tried fermentation of fear, the fear of science and
    new technologies.
    There is nothing glorious about what our ancestors call history,
    it is simply a succession of mistakes, intolerances and violations.

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    Re: All Men Are Equal.....

    All men are equal, but I'm bigger, if you catch my drift. :eek:

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