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    Okpan Onu - [email protected] = SCAM

    Just received a New scam.

    Contacted By the website www.made-in-china.com
    Message Subject: Inquire about Baobab OXY Oil (Ultrasound Extraction of Whole Baobab Seed)

    Message Content:
    Dear Sir,
    Pls confirm your company's capabililty of handling the contract supply of .Baobab OXY Oil to the Economic Community Of West African States(ECOWAS) in collaboration with Economic Commision Of African Development forum(ECADF) for the execution period of 2yrs.
    Pls confirm immediately and include with your full company details to enable us submit to the ECOWAS/(ECADF)Contract Awarding And Procurement Authority for approval.
    Thanks & Best Regards,
    MRS NNE KELLY (sec)
    TEL:00228-906 9918
    FAX:00228+222 2136

    A lot of email and phone call. It looked like a good business
    Dear Mr Pascal,

    Really i tried several times calling your number even to send you a text message but the was going through, my assistance informed me of your call.
    Sorry for your wife illness, I hope God is the person that heals of us so you put your faith in Him for your wife to get a quick recovery. I have gone through the attached PI and fully satisfied and will proceed today for submission at the ECOWAS/ECADF office this morning, lets hope you will recieve a positive confirmation from them before the end of today.
    We cant be able to send you any contract draft agreement but ECOWAS/ECADF, when the PI is approved they will send you all the documents that are required for this tansaction. So pray strongly with us for things to work out as planned for we have strived so far getting to this positive level and ECOWAS/ECADF chairman has assured us that as soon as all the contract requirements are met you will recieve the full contract fund into your provided bank account before supply.
    For our commission, that you will pay us back after recieving the full contract fund into your account, i may even come to Italy/Senegal during the production period for supervision and collection of our 3% commission. This is the only way we can be able to recuperate all the spent so far in the pursuance of this contract to this positive level of it, to actualise this contract we need your full coperation.
    I put in attachment a Proforma of 50 x 24.000 Kg container ( and not 12.000). Feel free to send this one. I hope the total amount will not be too much and we will lost the order. We can be VERY elastic. Please understand this.- ECOWAS/ECADF has the final decision and I hope they will accept/approve the order/invoice, we have to pray with one soul/spirit to achieve this order or possibly fast.

    You recieve any information from ECOWAS/ECADF today pls do not hesitate to let me or probably give me a call.

    Mr Okpan Onu

    Last letter can be seen here:


    Now I'm waiting for his response. Surely is a scam. ANy updates from someone?

    :confused: :cool:
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