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    Gold Shield Alliance

    I have been following the Freedom Club USA thread and found that the same people who started FCUSA are now moving to their Gold Shield Alliance.

    I do believe what they say on their website is real, strawman and the like; and that's for a different thread. But this scheme is not.

    You see, Freedom Club USA was selling ARs which for the victims might as well have thrown that money in an envelope of $100 bills to the drug addicts in the ghetto. Now it seems word on that scam has got out and they're pushing a new one which is GSA, Gold Shield Alliance.

    This is a thread to chronicle the actions of the site gold-shield-alliance.com and the people behind it.

    For me it looks like Tom, Jodi and whoever else behind this scam are selling pieces of paper for $1000.
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    Re: Gold Shield Alliance

    The reasons this thread is not being added to yet is because this site has deleted the FCUSA thread many times. But the people who push GSA are the same crooks of FCUSA who have been scamming people for over 10 years- master scammers.

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