I work for a global company that recently invested several million dollars into a company called Step 3. They came in and showed us how to do "lean manufacturing. Now I don't work on the production floor very often but from what I can see from my point of view is since this hole idea was implemented everthing has gone to hell. People cannot watch the machines like they need to if there is a problem because there is so much paper work to do and this leads to MAJOR delay times in catching bad product. Also they tell us that it costs more to have more inventory than it does to have the machines down for change overs sometime every other day. If the change over was all we had to deal with it would make sense but some times it takes days to get the machines running efficiently after a change over and we end up running alot of bad product.

What Im here for is to ask if anyone has had dealings with this Step 3 company. I tried searching but the search option on here hasn't been working for days. It seems as though they came in and sold us an idea and took the money and split. Little or no follow up afterward.