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    Scriptlance.com scam

    Yes, it happened to me.

    I hired a guy to write articles for my blog and he changed the passwords on my email and ran away with the key.
    I dont believe in advertisements, I would rather conversate.

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    maybe he could have written the articles in ... notepad? Textedit? And emailed them to you? Of course, to REALLY get full service from these people, what you should do is:-

    * only hire complete and utter strangers, preferably with no feedback on their services.
    * pay upfront
    * give them the passwords to your online bank accounts
    * mail them the keys to your house
    * blow your frikkin brains out your ass.

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    Contact your hosting company, they may be able to help.

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    This Scriptlance Scam cheat people, is a best way to do work not Scriptlance.com

    This Scriptlance.com is a personal site of Rini :freak3:

    Bad site, cheat site, cheated Job Seeker.

    Keep Away from Scriptlance.com:

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    People can get cheated on ScriptLance the same way they get cheated on EBay, though EBay is not a scam is it?

    If you don't adhere to basic common sense then you will be ripped off. As an above poster said, only hire people with good feedback and don't pay upfront. For programmers/writers, again only hire employers with good feedback. It works both ways.

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    There are better and more secure sites.


    this site good. i like the security and their evaluation system. Very professional.

    Should you take your chances on Scriptlance.com? well if you have to ask, you probably should not :)

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam


    I had to do a chargeback on my credit card because they kept my dispute in arbitration for 3 months despite numerous comments from both myself and the programmer. The case was subsequently closed with no resolution whatsoever ($ still sitting in escrow) claiming that there was no feedback provided -- when the only feedback indefinitely withheld was from them.

    The programmer I was arguing with was more fair and ended up canceling the money in escrow 6 months later because there had been no activity on the account.

    I still have another $40 in escrow for services not provided from another programmer but I am too scared to interact with him or go into arbitration because of what happened last time.

    They received their funds back from the chargeback - then can you believe they deducted another $50 from my account for chargeback fees. Can you believe it??? I HATE scriptlance!!! :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    I used to love scriptlance too! Now I know what they do is no different from many other sites but that's besides the point.

    Everyone loves Scriptlance :liefde: ~ until you get into a situation and you need them to -- well -- do their jobs!! They have horrible customer service - everytime I emailed them in regards to my previous situation I got only this as a response: "You email has been forwarded to the concerned department" - this happened at least 4 times for the SAME issue.

    and from what I've read, they cheat their programmers too in various money/account oriented ways. I've read a lot and I am definitely not the only person who feels this way. There are pages upon pages of sites on the net filled with ppl pissed off at scriptlance.

    My advice is this - if you are a programmer, don't invest all your projects with scriptlance, because then they have you by the balls, and right when you need their help the most - they will drop you. :judges:

    and if you are an employer, DONT put money into escrow unless the programmer has earned it. Once you do its as good as gone. Don't do what I did and "trust" that you will get it back if something goes wrong :rotz:

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    Quote Originally Posted by mhsharaj View Post
    Scriptlance is one of the best freelance marketplace ever. May be your little mistake turned you unsuccessful there. It can happen any other sites too.

    I am looking for a programmer now i see all this stuff about scriplance. i I am sure there is a real site out there called scriplance,,, When I type in the search for scriptlance its the same site as you say is someones personal site??? So what is the address for the REAL SCRIPTLANCE???

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    When dealing with any kind of freelance work, I would also consider their reputation not just the one who charges less.

    You gotta think man.
    Get paid for work you do online. No fluff. Check us out Here!!

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    I have an account with consumers scriptlance.com, and used it for over 1 year are some decent feedback, and was satisfied with the service from 3 days ago when my account suspended for no apparent reason all.I agree that ScriptLance.com an integrated and more fraud in the Toronto area of Canada.

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    Re: Scriptlance.com scam

    I am a programmer on Scriptlance. I have several good reviews as well.

    However recently one buyer cheated my for $80. He made me write 50-250 word articles and liked my articles. Then next day he came and told the articles are bad, he doesn't want them. He told me to cancel the project.

    I have opened a dispute with Scriptlance. Scriptlance team has replied me..that my issue has been sent to concerened department.

    I dont know whether justice will be done or not.

    I hope Scriptlance takes some action in this case and returns me my money back.

    My advise to all will be ;;;Do not work with any buyer without Escrow and ask them to create milestone payments for bigger projects..

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