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1.The fact that Valerie Plame worked for the CIA was classified information. Not only was that stated in the indictment, but was also reiterated by Patrick Fitzgerald today.
2. Cheney won't be indicted, but not because he did not break any laws
3. Only someone who has consumed obscene amounts of kool aid would believe that the Bush administration did not "out" Valerie Plame.
4. At least grim now admits that it was not Joe Wilson who leaked his wife's name. The jury wanted to know "Where's Rove?"
5. Joe Wilson told the truth to the American people and "outed" this administration. The Intelligence Committee's report verifies that the CIA failed miserably in their intelligence gathering. By reading the report one can only deduce that they interpreted the intelligence in a such a way as to support the claims of the administration.
6. Libby's conviction leaves a "cloud over the vice-president."
1. Yes, she was "classified", but not "Covert". To violate The Intelligence Identities Protection Act, you have to reveal the identity of a "covert agent", or an agent that was "covert" within the previous 5 years. When it comes to her identity being "classified", you must have forgotten that the president and certain members of the administration can de-classify anything they want on demand. Like I said... No law was broken here.

2. WRONG! Cheney won't be indicted because he didn't break any laws in this matter. If you disagree, then could you please tell me what laws he broke? After that, I suggest you email Fitz and let him know of your legal discovery.

3. You and all the other Bush haters refuse to grasp reality on this issue and frankly your politics will never let you either. The administration didn't, nor intended to "out" Plame. See response to number 5 for details.

4. Your right... I'm dropping that one for now.

5. Let me answer all three sentences. Absolutely FALSE!!!!... You are correct... and WRONG!

Joe Wilson did not tell the truth to the American people. He lied about what he had reported to the CIA, by claiming his report proved Iraq was not trying to acquire uranium. He lied when he said he was send by the VP's office. He lied when he said Cheney was briefed on his report. He lied when he said the president lied in his 2003 SOTU address concerning Iraq trying to acquire uranium. He lied when he claimed to debunk those "forged documents". Documents Wilson never saw and didn't even exist until 8 months after his report to the CIA. And finally, he lied about his wife having nothing to do with him being selected for the mission. The Senate Intelligence Committee determined that his wife had in fact suggested him for the Niger trip in a memo she had written. This brings me back to #3. The only reason Plame became known by the administration, was because of her husbands BS interview with the NY Times. In that interview, Wilson falsely claimed he was sent by the VP's office and the administration wanted to know who actually did send him, and why he was chosen for the job. That's where his wife's name surfaced.

I have very little doubt that the administration wanted the public to know that Joe Wilson's wife recommended him for the Niger mission, because that, along with releasing portions of the 2002 NIE, would demonstrate that he was a partisan liar. That however, is a far cry from purposely "outing" Plame (which they didn't, because she wasn't "covert") and putting her life in danger (which they didn't, because she wasn't undercover and hadn't been for many years) for the purpose of revenge against Wilson. I'm sure the administration believed as I did, that when the facts were laid out and proved Wilson's accusations to be totally false, the media would do their job and inform the American public that it was Wilson, who was the liar. As we all know, that didn't happen.

As for your last sentence on #5, the Senate Report concluded that none of the intelligence analysts changed or manipulated their conclusions, to try and fit with anyones perceived agenda. But I'm sure you know better that the Senate Intelligence Committee... Right?

6. Yes it does, whether deserved or not.