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    Korey White - Fort Lauderdale - Los Angeles Scam artist

    Korey white is a scam artist in Fort Lauderdale. He is also a criminal and a fugitive running from the law.

    He scam people by telling them he does social media and good at text messaging and stuff. With no track record, he can't prove himself and cheat people for their money.

    He was caught on camera stealing equipment and merchandise from an office in Broward County. Then was writing bad reputation online about the different companies.

    Video of him stealing the stuff from the office: He is wanted for grand theft in broward county. Beware of this criminal.


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    Re: Korey White - Fort Lauderdale - Los Angeles Scam artist

    Justin Nguyen has wrote this false statements against Mr white.mr white has stated that justin nguyen is a guy who wants success but has failed.He spoke very highly of hes efforts to want a succesful business..mr white had begone to partner with him on ventures . we spoke with several employees that had worked with mr nguyen, and they all stated they were scamed into working with him,,some were not paid and had put in alot of hours at no pay,,many had to move on and start over after months of no payments on projects, these workers have stated he had no capital to even hire.we found these online reviews regarding him..


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