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    Clearwire Wireless Modem

    I'm new to it, so I can't be certain. I'm just wondering if anyone else
    experienced the following: 7 day trial period of which after, a client
    is locked into a year's contract. It worked like a miricle for the first
    9-10 days...then, bugs ville and difficult to get into my e-mail site.
    It's easier getting in to the variety of free e-mail sites. Is it because
    of a rash of new sigmups or is it rigged to give you a priority
    signal reception till you're past your trial period?

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    Re: Clearwire Wireless Modem

    Just an update to be fair: The Clearwire modem (as I've heard from
    folks with other methods of getting online) works good at certain
    times of day. Othertimes, it's difficult getting to my e-mail account.
    Oddly, my free Juno and yahoo can be accessed twice as fast.

    I purchased a 25ft. ethernet cable and setting the modem outside in the
    patio seems to help...

    Overall, it was a decent investment- being the landline had far too
    many solicitors etc. This is even being on a no-call list.

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