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    Lutz Meyerding - Adult Webcam Scammer

    I lost $15,000 to an adult business scammer called Lutz Meyerding.

    This was 2 years ago and I have lost all hope of getting my money back.

    I invested together with a few family members and Meyerding ripped off everyone.

    He was running an adult webcam studio in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, but he got into trouble with his buyers because he sent fake ids to the webcam sites. He eventually solved the problem and runs his studios up to this day but abused our trust and stopped paying investors almost 2 years ago with fake excuses.

    I contacted Interpol and the FBI and they said they would look into it but I haven't heard anything back since. They probably don't want to get into this as it's adult-related.

    I read that Meyerding has local protection (he pays of police officials) and that many people tried to extradite him but all failed. He is/was involved in many other scams, not just adult scams but also insurance fraud and marriage fraud.

    He even has his own blog where he threatens his victims because it "doesn't cost much to let someone disappear"!! I am not afraid but I want to remain anonymous for my peace of mind until we have more leverage or until he is in jail.

    It seems his lawyers Biaggi & Messina know about his scams because they protect him from extradition.

    I called him once but he was drunk and bellowed at me in German. Now his number is out of service.

    If there is anything we can do please contact me. Wire transfer confirmations are available for interested investigators.

    And stay away from the Dominican Republic, it's a corrupt place that protects scammers. It's sickening to know that Meyerding uses my money and that of other investors to pay off the local police so they don't arrest him.


    He claims to own or co-own the following websites: fishing-strip.com, visitx.org, cam-content.com, streamray.com and soltele.com (probably his "alibi" business?)

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    Re: Lutz Meyerding - Adult Webcam Scammer

    hi baby contact me please...kissessss

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    Re: Lutz Meyerding - Adult Webcam Scammer

    Lutz Meyerding's porn studios in Santo Domingo were raided by the police earlier this week. However, Meyerding escaped and is still on the run.

    News articles:




    If you were scammed by Lutz Robert Gunther Meyerding, or know his current whereabouts, now is the time to contact the Dominican police at http://www.dni.gov.do/denuncias.html
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