((( WARNING ))) Pass it on if you have the courage.

American Soldiers are being killed by our own [[[ Coverment ]]]

9/11 was a inside job, The Iraq War is staged !!!

They need a excuse to stay in Iraq to steal the OIL.

Bush and Cheney are agents of the Elite Robber Oil Barons.

It's NOT a WAR on TERROR ! It's a WAR for OIL !

Sometimes the TRUTH is stranger then fiction.

Start Calling Our Boys Home from Iraq Right Now !

Our Love Ones are slaughtered for the lack of knowledge !!!

Long Live The Republic. We Must Resist Tyranny.

Sons of Liberty Militia

Sons of Liberty Militia
Tim Stine
312 S. Wyomissing Ave.
Shillington, Pa. 19607 U.S.A.

The revolution has started !!!
It's time to start over.