I'm not sure if this officially counts as a scam but I thought people should know about his. A company called Webloyalty.com apparently provides discounts to online shoppers. After making an online purchase at many reputable websites, a screen pops up that says that if you click on it you can get $10 off on your next purchase on that website. This happened to me. I didn't know, however, that just by clicking on that ad, you give webloyalty.com, at the very least, your credit card number and I think your address and possibly more. They have been charging me $9 a month ever since. For me, the charges show up as "WLI*SHOPPER DISCOUNT", but in my research I have found that it shows up differently for other people but seems to always start with "WLI*". These charges have been going on for a while and I have only just now figured out what is going on. I have emailed webloyalty.com in an attempt to get my money back and get them to stop charging me. That was earlier today so no results yet. I don't know if what they are doing is legal, but if it is, it really shouldn't be.