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    can any one tell me is 365onlinejobs.com a scam ?? i wanted to work online can anyone tell me any genuine online home based jobs , i really in need of working


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    Re: 365onlinejobs

    Two things jump out at me. 1st you have to join the website to see what they offer. 2nd, they advertise things like "data entry jobs guaranteed income". No one can guarantee you will get hired or have a guaranteed income.

    There are plenty of websites that offer links to real companies who hire for jobs at home and don't require you to register.

    To get a real "job" online you will need to have a resume and know what kind of job you are looking for. Just as you wouldn't go down to your local DA office and apply to be an attorney with no experience, you can't expect to get a job online as a transcriptionist if you don't have experience.

    Some examples of REAL companies currently hiring: Rosetta Stone: http://linguistlist.org/jobs/get-jobs.cfm?id=14777820
    NEW: https://www.newcorp.com/careers
    NCO: https://www.newcorp.com/careers

    That will give you an idea of what to look for in any company offering a work at home JOB

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    Re: 365onlinejobs

    So long as there is a fee or offer to complete just stay away from the site. It has no positive reviews so far.

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