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    Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    Walt Disney asked to stop insulting Arabs and Muslims
    Regional, Business, 10/11/1997

    The Artistic Professions Syndicate issued a statement in which it warned Walt Disney against producing more works containing insults to the Arabs.

    The Chairman of the Syndicate Abdel Gaffar Aouda called on the Arab League to take the necessary measures to force the company to respect the Arabs in its works. The statement stressed the importance of correcting the image of the Arabs in the western media.

    Walt Disney's work "Aladdin" contained insults to Arabs and a song that describes the Arab world as one in which womenıs ears are torn in a brutal way. Walt Disney also produced other works in which the Arabs are shown as barbarians and having no conscience.

    The statement criticized the Arab companies that deal with Walt Disney. The statement called on all companies and institutions to stop all kinds of dealings with the company and to stop the participation of the Arab artists with their voices in Walt Disneyıs programs as these programs are distributed on the computer systems with insults to Arabs.

    There are growing calls for the adoption of economic sanctions against Disney such as an official boycott of the company's products, and the growing desire to send a clear message to other media outlets. "the Arabs will no longer tolerate such constant and unbalanced portrayals of them in the US dominated world-media to the benefit of Hollywood insiders whose agenda is to damage Arab political and other interests at every opportunity," said one one member.

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    Re: Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    welcome To Disney World!!

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    Re: Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    Yeah I hear you doc,
    An even colored folks hate wabbits too, don’t forget!!!

    Bugs Bunny Cartoon

    Looks like Elmer Fudd took the day off.

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    Be Kind to Arabs

    Groups like the Arab league appear to have their guns aimed entirely the wrong direction. They boycott Disney for making cartoons that depict them as medieval, but seldom do they boycott mosques and leaders who urge Jihad against the western world. Which do you think is more harmful to their image - a kids' cartoon, or the six-o'clock news full of angry Muslim Arabs killing themselves and others? They seeth with rage when a western paper prints a cartoon depicting them in a bad light, but demonstrate no apparent rage when consulates, airlines and hotels are blown up - by Arabs.

    Grow up Arabs. If you don't want to be stereotyped, change your actions and allegiances, don't whine when someone either has a little fun with your image, or calls a spade a spade.

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    Re: Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    I was just reading this post, and had to sign up. The nerve of these people to command that we change the ways of our most sacred culture. To attack Alladin as dicriminatory is a discrace. No American has ever commited such a bold callous attack against the popular culture of the Arab nation. I just cannot agree with the unjust intrusion into the world of America's most popular venue since before WW2.

    This country is a good country comprised of many people from all over the world, all races, all creeds, and religions and this is the first time I ever heard of such a baseless shameful accusation against not only Disney but Americas popular culture. Shame to all the people who cowardly attack Disney. Shame on you, Shame on them!!

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    Re: Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    Walt Disney was Jewish and loved Israel. Right?

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    Re: Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    Quote Originally Posted by KishmeernTuches
    Walt Disney was Jewish and loved Israel. Right?
    Wrong. Hell you just live in your own little anti-semitic world don't you.

    Walt Disney was born into and raised in a family of devout Congregationalists. Walt was named after the preacher at his family's Congregationalist church: Walter Parr, a close friend of his father's. [Source: Bob Thomas, Walt Disney: An American Original, Hyperion: New York, NY (1994), pages 24-25]

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    Re: Even Mickey Mouse hates Arabs

    Walt Disney was a big time anti-semite, correct?

    or am i thinking of Henry Ford....or maybe both!!!

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