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    Legality of auto-surfs?

    Can anyone direct me to a website with explains clearly the legality of auto-surfs? I cannot find any information about auto-surf companies involved in legal proceedings other than 12dailypro. In this case, the SEC has been the one to charge them primarily with offering investments with proper registration.

    Any thoughts? Not on the morality or ethical ramifications --- simply the legality.



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    Re: Legality of auto-surfs?

    Junior, Hi ...

    The consensus ...that is, for every discussion I've seen in the last year and a half ...Surfs and AutoSurfs are illegal HYIP Ponzi's. I know, some 'offer' advertising as a cover, but the major source of income is investor cash - not income from a service offered.

    That's all they are. Because of that business model, HYIP Ponzi's cannot and do not usually last unless they Rename and Restart (DXGold has used this avenue to persist for several years!). Surfs have also (see Dad 'N Dave's).

    Now whether or not you're going to get caught and punished for participating ...that's a long shot. Too many of these fly-by-nighters for the law to be constantly chasing although they do pursue some.

    Punishment for participation is usually just that most lose all they've put in.

    Good luck!

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    Re: Legality of auto-surfs?

    Thanks for the input. I actually have no interest in placing my money in an auto-surf. Regardless of the legality, it is unethical in my opinion as I feel I would be profiting off of other's losses.

    However, an acquaintance started his own auto-surf and has made quite a bit of money and has convinced a friend to start one of his own. He believes that the current laws in place don't spell out that auto-surfs are illegal and he will be doing nothing wrong. I have a hard time believing that although as you said, there are so many of these things out there, I wonder how many are prosecuted....

    Again, the only information I can find is regarding the SEC's suit against LifeClicks, 12DP, and Charis Johnson, the person that started the co.

    This may be a lesson he has to learn on his own.


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    Re: Legality of auto-surfs?

    If you have to pay a fee to join, and the business model is expectation of profits relative to your fee paid (in place of the numer of ads viewed) then it is a security, and anyone selling a security without a license is breaking the law, selling a security that is itself not registered is breaking another law. These are criminal felonies and you would be prosecuted by the department of justice as opposed to the SEC which can only file civil complaints, which of couorse they can also do on top of the DofJ or the Federal Trade Commission, or the Commodities and Futures Commission. Your friend is exposing himself to decades in jail and millions of dollars in fines if they alkl decide to go after him, and that's not even taking into account the State equals to these federal agencies.
    If people are looking for real and verified business opportunities....DRF Fund is definitely a program that I can recommend with confidence."


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    Re: Legality of auto-surfs?

    Its around 50/50 on autosurfs. The legal kind and most reputable kind give you no money for days or pages surfed. Most are free some charge for a premium account. Basic idea surf through manual or auto timers all have diffrent ratios in turn you get hits to your page. If you need to get hits up for tracking these are good but forget every getting a product sold or anything blind vistors if its an auto surf noone will probaly see your site but the hits go up so other avenues of promoting will be more effective. Ie if you were selling something i wanted through a online store front and you only have 100 hits I might look elseware but if you have had over 10,000 hits i probaly will buy something. Manuals are equally as bad ethier people are buying 100's of dollars worth of credits and never surf through or you will have someone for a few hours a day sitting there staring into space and clicking every 20 seconds paying the pages no mind. The scam ones always charges you and puts a guarantee 10% back a month on your investment is more of the tame ones to the outright ridiculous ones 500% back a week guaranteed. I have had experinces with all these types of autosrufs when the get paid autosurfs came out I was a member of paidexposure paidresponse 12dailypro studiotraffic and a handful of others I cant remember offhand the names of I never put in much just 10 bucks here and there never saw any of it but wasnt expecting to just wanted to see if a autosurf could make me money instead of doing the 100's of other ones that promised nothing. Bottom line get paid autosurfs if any are around bad idea not going to make anything autosrtufs that promise nothing good for getting the hit counter up but not much else. if you want effective good advertising be willing to shell out some money and look elsewhere

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    Re: Legality of auto-surfs?

    Autosurfs and HYIP's are Ponzi schemes, pure and simple. Money from new members goes to pay off old members, until the pyramid reverses and the thing collapses (but not before the administrators take off with a load of cash).

    I spent over a year trying to make money in Autosurfs and HYIP's, and I won't tell you how much money I lost, but let's just say I learned my lesson before it was too late. These programs feed on people who are desperate to get ahead financially for whatever reason, and I can't tell you how many stories I've read of those who bet their life savings on these scams, only to lose it all.

    A lot of these programs start their own "support forums", which are little more than online cults, where members blindly praise the program administrators, and try to convince each other that they're all going to be rich if they just "hang in there". One of the biggest scams I ever saw was something called Solid Investment, which offered outrageous returns from compounding (3% daily) at the end of a specified period. I put in $60 and watched that balloon (at least on the screen) to over $670 is something like two months. Well, do you think I saw a dime of that $670? Of course not....it was a ridiculous rate of return, and nobody saw their money in the end. The scammers packed their stuff up and took their site down, and to this day, nobody really knows where these clowns were from, or who they really were.

    As the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, chances are it is, and a 144% return on principal after 12 days is too good to be true. Did some people get that return? Yes, but at the expense of others who lost everything they put in. That's how the Ponzi scheme works.

    Think about this. If programs like 12 Daily Pro and Studio Traffic were so great, and they delivered such profitable returns on a consistent basis, don't you think everyone would be involved in them? There's a reason that the majority of people who look at these programs do the math and say "yeah, right". My only wish is that I had been one of them, but like so many others, I was looking to make a fast buck with minimal effort. I should have known better, but hindsight is 20/20. I can't reverse my losses or return to those who may have lost at my expense, but what I can do is warn people who are looking at these Autosurf and HYIP schemes as a potential source of income. They're not.

    Do yourself a favor. Take that $50 that you're thinking of putting into an Autosurf or HYIP, and put it into a high-interest savings account (I just started one at ING Direct), or even buy some blue-chip stocks. Believe me, you'll have much better success!

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