Do you believe EXPEDIA’s claims that they made a mistake advertising at 0.01 U$D/night? Think again. In my opinion (this is just an opinion, I would like yours) it seems to be a very elaborate bait and switch scam.

These are my arguments:

1) EXPEDIA had done that “mistake” several times

- Hilton Osaka and Hilton Tokio
- Ritz hotel

- Scotland ?(

2) It is difficult to believe that this is a repetitive mistake: EXPEDIA’s people are smart enough to do not repeat the same mistake.

What EXPEDIA get with this “mistake”:
A lot of money from reservations from people that did take the bait.

What EXPEDIA lose:

1) People that make reservation (at this moment EXPEDIA has already charged his/her credit card) and don’t take the bait will have hard time having his/her money back. These are the word from a customer that made reservations at the Hilton (according to USA today)
"Now, my problem is it'll cost me $200 per ticket to receive a refund; in other words, I'm out a $1000 even if I don't travel...or I'm out almost an additional $3000 for hotel if I do

2) Reputation? EXPEDIA’s reputation is already horrible. They don’t care about bad publicity. People will soon forget and there always new customers. Take as example the HILTON affair in 2005: The people that made reservations at the Ritz in 2006 probably didn’t know about that. Or were greedy (and easy prey for scammers).

In addition, EXPEDIA is difficult to sue: when you make a reservation you agree to the “governing law”. If you want to sue them you have to do it in in King County, Washington (read their terms and conditions)

It will be very interesting to know

1) How many people took the bait
2) and how many people lost (with previous mistakes from EXPEDIA)
3) How many people are having trouble getting their refund (and probably loose some money (that EXPEDIA will keep)

If it was a “mistake” as EXPEDIA claims, why people have to fight to get their refund?
Why EXPEDIA didn't follow the guide against Bait advertising from the FTC. I'm sure they are familiar.

Just an opinion