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    Don't Do Business With Northeastern Metro Abstract, Kathy Belcher or Michael Belcher!

    [FONT='Helvetica','sans-serif']In April, 2011, I paid to transfer the title of a home I own to
    another name - an LLC. I paid $540 in two checks to Kathy Belcher and Northeastern Metro
    Abstract. Northeastern Metro Abstracts owner according to NYS Corporation Search is a Micheal Belcher. My last email to them was 4-14-2011 telling them I sent the paperwork
    back. I never heard from them again. Since I had used her in the past, I figured it was taken care of. I allowed two years to go by before my accountant told me that this rental property was still in my name. So I didn't know where to start. Why did I think it was in an LLC name? I looked in my folder, blew some dust off of it and right on top, I had a note that said, "spoke to Kathy Belcher, everything is OK, it takes 6-8 months to be recorded with the county." So I called her. When I inquired, this Kathy
    Belcher kind of blamed me for the mistake. She said she had a series of emails and the last one said that I would get back to them. She also kept bringing up the other work she had done for me.....which was real annoying. The other work she had done for me was over a year prior, so there could be no mix-up on my part. So I decided to research further. I called my bank so they could fax me over copies of the checks I paid her with and I checked my emails......and it struck me as funny.....the 2nd to last email asked her to wait and I would get back to her. The last one told her to proceed, I just mailed the signed documents and I included the checks to pay her. So I called her back and again she brought up the previous work she had done for me and then the work she had done for my cousin. I asked her to STOP talking about the previous work, it was annoying me. At this point, it was clear to me and probably to her, she was paid for work that wasn't performed. But she did not take any responsibility for her error. She did say she would re-do again it at no cost and sent me new paperwork. But I told her I don't need it done anymore, I'm in a different situation, so I would like my money back. She said she would only refund $290 back because she did
    prepare the documents and $250 was not due. I explained to her that I paid her to change the titles.....not do some of the work and bill me accordingly. When she refused, I told her I would file complaints and take her to small claims
    court. I'm due the entire $540. Then she sent me an email asking me to stop contacting her as she feels threatened. So even though I thought that was absurd, it showed she felt guilty about stealing my money. A day or two later, I couldn't believe it, but she sent me an email saying that if I returned the current paperwork she sent me, even though I didn't ask her to, she would refund the $250 also. So I sent it back certified. Either way, I had to wait until her bookkeeper was in, which apparently was 7 days later because this past Friday, she emailed me again that she was sending me the $290 back today and would not send the $250 back because she did the work. So I told her that not only is she a thief, but she is a lair. So she again asked me "kindly" to stop contacting her as she feels threatened by me....and that I am harassing her.

    I guess asking her for my money back is harassing and threatening. She did say last Friday that if I returned hero she couldn't say she didn't receive it. So even though she said to stop contacting her, she contacted me....kind of suspicious.

    I would not recommend this company or Kathy or Michael Belcher to anybody. Here's another interesting tidbit. She told me that back dating titles is legal. In fact, she said that if I sign this new document, she would back date it to 2011. Then I was thinking? She backdated two other titles for me and one for my cousin. Now I don't know if it's legal to do or not, but now I am wondering how legit this company is?

    I am also wondering? So since she re-did the work she didn't perform the first time, shouldn't I owe her another $250 if in deed I owed her the first $250?

    I tried to point out to her that I don't think it is worth for her or her company for me to start contacting others about this scam......especially for only $250. But to her, it must be worth it. My only point is that I paid her to change the title and it was never done. She had no explanation, has taken no responsibility and was $250 for doing nothing. That's not the right thing to do. Don't use her! Save yourself un-necessary aggravation![/FONT]

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    Re: Don't Do Business With Northeastern Metro Abstract, Kathy Belcher or Michael Belcher!

    Northeastern Metro Abstract is located at 8 Duffy Ave, Hicksville, NY 11801. Their telephone # is 516-349-5900 or 516-349-7053. Kathy Belcher and Michael Belcher own and work for this company. Kathy Belcher's number is 631-926-1977. Don't do business with her or this company. They will rip you off!

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