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    This is truly the most unorganized company I've dealt with to date. Think canceling AOL is hard.. Lol I received 2 faulty pieces of equip. and then tried to cancel and they bribed me with a nicer product for free. They double charged our bank account. I will follow up with direct e-mail response from one of the "so called" executives of the company. Executive Response team.. lol :mad: :eek:

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    Re: Vonage

    I had Vonage and the service was terrible. I could rarely get a dial tone and I always had to redial numbers to get through. I ultimately cancelled my account and switched back to Verizon. The customer service at Vonage gave me a very difficult time when I tried to switch too. I couldn't believe it. I am glad that I have a normal land line again.
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    Re: Vonage

    really...I haven't had any problems with vonage.

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    Re: Vonage

    Well I think it works depends on the area where you live in or perhaps depends of what kind of internet connection you have. I have vonage but the trouble that were having in many areas is where the people could barely hear me and on my side I can hear them perfectly. I had so many troubles when it come to talking to other people out of state. Most of the time they hear static or some disconnected connection. They kept telling me that I am breaking up and it sounded as I was talking on the cell phone. I said no I am not on my cell phone. Most of the time I end up using my cell phone and calling them back instead. But after a few months they get better. But it is a long months. lol :( . Anyway still not make me a satisfied customer.

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