Hello all, first post.

In August of 2005 my mom bought an insurance plan through Galaxy Health Network (specifically American Health Services) for her and I under the same account number but different plans so each of us owed $85.

In July of 2006 I decided to cancel my policy so I called their customer service line and inquired as to what exactly they needed to cancel the policy. According to them the policy could not be canceled over the phone but the cards had to be sent in.

So in August of 2006 I sent my cards in and since my mom is the one that receives the bills for the insurance I was not aware that they had stopped charging me for the month of September but continued in October.

Since November my mom has called repeatedly to their customer service to get an answer just to get the run around which includes claiming that they've never heard of her, that whomever helped her last time doesn't work there, or that someone will call her back later that week.

She sent her cards in as well in September and had a return receipt on her package, which was signed, and when she mentioned that to the customer service rep they claimed that this individual doesn't even work there and that the address she sent it to was obviously wrong. As it turns out it was the right address.

So, my friends, here I sit trying to resolve this issue and I need to know what my options here are before I march over to their corporate headquarters and start asking questions (I figure it will be a lot more difficult for them to hang up on me if I am actually there in person). My mom is looking at $500 of insurance that she and I had canceled in August/September of 2006 and frankly I am not too big of a fan of paying that fee for something that I never used to begin with.

I would appreciate any and all help, thank you.