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    Small Business Viciously Attacked



    Chicago, IL.

    AD KIDS, Inc. A Chicago based children’s management firm with offices in New York and Chicago is the target of unfounded internet based attacks by web sites D.B.A.-Easy Background Check.com operated by Les Henderson, Rip-off Report.com and Bad Business Bureau.com operated by Ed Magnedson.

    These web sites follow a strategy of posting libelous and defamatory information about AD KIDS and its officers, under the guise of protecting the consumer. Their goal appears to be to interfere with AD KIDS business with the intent of destroying AD KIDS.

    U.S. District Judge Charles Norgle issued a restraining order forcing Xcentric Ventures LLC., dba-Ripoff Report.com and Bad Business Bureau.com to remove postings against Park Ridge IL. based Management Consulting firm George S. May International – George S. May International Inc. vs. Xcentric Ventures, 2006 WL 120156, (N.D.Ill., Jan 18) saying they included "False or deceptively misleading" statements. Xcentric Ventures Inc. was accused of violating the restraining order.

    the past 18 months AD KIDS has filed four reports with the FBI and the Federal Trade Commission against Easy BackgroundCheck.com and Ripoff Report.com and their owners.

    AD KIDS notified Google of these websites (R.I.C.O. act violation) and was told by Google attorney Alex MacGillivray that "It’s not Google’s job to police the internet."

    For more information on these three terrorist web sites and Henderson and Magedson, visit EasyBackgroundChecked.com or Bad-Business-Rip-Off.com. AD KIDS is not affiliated with either site, which appear to be run by other victims of Henderson and Magedson.

    AD KIDS and the Federal courts would appreciate any assistance in exposing, locating, apprehending and bringing to justice the perpetrators of these false and vicious attacks.

    AD KIDS manages children for modeling in commercial advertising, such as print ads and TV commercials. AD KIDS was incorporated in March, 2003 and is a member in good standing with the Better Business Bureau.

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    Re: Small Business Viciously Attacked

    Interesting…when I check local and Federal records I see nothing that indicates that this company is a problem to the public. One would think that if there were legitimate problems suits on any level would have been filed by someone.

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    Re: Small Business Viciously Attacked


    Are all those big companies listed in the top ripoff link "victims" of Ed Magdeson? I think most of the companies listed there deserves that "honor" . They had screwed up lot of people. Don't you think they have the power to shut ripoff report down? Why don't they do it? The answer might be very simple: most of those reviews are true stories

    I'm sorry if a honest small business is attacked but I think ripoff report is still a good site to alert people.

    At least, my review about EXPEDIA in ripoff report is a true story.

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