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Thread: Wimp?

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    This is a stupid macho culture. Too much so.
    I don't mess with people and am no sissy.
    I'm wise in that I don't underestimate a man of
    slight proportion, as you never know the fight in a man.

    Do I want a tough guy doing surgery on my son to save his life?
    Yes, though he could look physically like Don Knotts, I want him to
    be tough when it was time to do his homework honing his skills to
    be the best in his craft.

    This is the pumped up culture of the Arnold Schawrtznegger
    physique. Wowza! With all the genius's comin' out of Harvard, Yale
    etc., Calif couldn't find something better? No cut on your movies , Arnold,
    loved "Terminator."

    I remember being at the airport saying goodbye to my
    skinny, short, nervous neighbor, He was on his way to bootcamp.
    He broke down right there and collapsed in tears, saying he knew
    he'd never come home. He was on his way to fight a war
    in Vietnam. I was numb and didn't have the maturity to
    even fathom the fear.

    He returned , alive with a Purple Heart and Silver Star
    and lots of good stories.

    I use him to measure how wrong anyone can be when making a
    call on a man, whether he's a coward or weak.

    I'll leave this earth, never being measured for courage like he
    has been.

    Thanks, buddy.

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    Re: Wimp?

    Too much emphasis on what a person's body image is, too much emphasis on the macho-man attitude. We are all individuals and we all have our personalities. Not one person is "ordinary", I dispise that NAME, when others calll another one "ordinary". We are all individuals and are all worthy and we all have our own personal stories to tell about our lives, we are all important and we all CAN WRITE a BOOK about our Bio's. So start writing your BOOKS!

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    Re: Wimp?

    Thank you! Remember Audie Murphy? It is a mistake to judge a man by brawn. Same as a woman in regard to outwardly sexy. One never knows what is concealed within the heart and the spirit of the individual.
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